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The Runawho?


The original Runaways

The curiosity has arrived among those that used to wear spandex and t-shirts back in the 70's, and it's all due to the released of the movie, The Runaways. The followers of the Twilight-mania will see Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning on the big screen presenting the history behind five teenage girls that broke the rules of Rock and Punk music. Based on a book written by front girl, Cherrie Currie, It presents the story of  Joan Jett and Lita Ford on guitar, and Jackie Fox on drums as they dealt with the pressure to succeed, leading them to a road of drugs and alcohol. These girls started back in 1975 when 14 year old Kari Krome, approach Alice Cooper and producer Kim Fowley, with impressive lyrics that she was unable to sing. Kim worked along the idea of the all girl band against the criticism of the age and gender behind this Punk-rock band at all cost, probably a little too much. Their years of popularity could be count in one hand, but they songs were unexpectedly tempting as some secretly envy the rebel and careless attitude, while others hated it.

Taking the opportunity of the movie released, the Mercury Albums Anthology (2010) is now found in stores near you. 

Disc: 1
1. Cherry Bomb
2. You Drive Me Wild
3. Is It Day Or Night?
4. Thunder
5. Rock & Roll
6. Lovers
7. American Nights
8. Blackmail
9. Secrets
10. Dead End Justice
11. Queens of Noise Live
12. California Paradise Live
13. All Right You Guys Live
14. Wild Thing Live
15. Gettin' Hot Live
16. Rock N Roll Live
17. You Drive Me Wild Live Live
18. Neon Angels on the Road To Ruin Live
19. I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are Live
20. Cherry Bomb Live
21. American Nights Live
22. C'Mon Live
Disc: 2
1. Queens of Noise
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. Midnight Music
4. Born To Be Bad
5. Neon Angels on the Road To Ruin
6. I Love Playin' with Fire
7. California Paradise
8. Hollywood
9. Heartbeat
10. Johnny Guitar
11. Little Sister12, Wasted
12. Gotta Get Out Tonight
13. Wait For Me
14. Fantasies
15. School Days
16. Trash Can Murders
17. Don't Go Away
18. Waitin' For the Night
19. You're Too Possessive





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