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The roots of Independence Day

Citizen hangs flag in respect for country
Citizen hangs flag in respect for country
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Today July fourth, twenty fourteen is the day we celebrate our declaration of independence from Great Britain. We had been at war with England for a year by the time Congress adopted the declaration for all to see on July 4th 1776. It was a list of the policies of Great Britain that caused the rift between the colonists and those in the British government.

The colonist and the leaders of the revolution did not start out wanting to go to war with one of the world’s mightiest powers. Prior to the shot heard round the world in 1775 they felt they were British citizens loyal to the crown. Even the signers of the declaration tried for years to work within the system. Their goal was to have a say in government, to be citizens and not subjects.

As tensions began to heat up against the unresponsive government an article was published in The Public Adviser warning of the consequences to England of ignoring the pleas of the governed. The title of this article which proved as true then as today was “Rules by which a Great Empire may be reduced to a Small one”. Those in Washington should take heed of these rules; the most applicable of them are below.

A) A great nation like a cake is more easily consumed from the edges. So start at the furthest, or your boarder states and others will fall in line.

B) No matter what contributions each state makes to employment, tax receipts and the economy do not show them any favor. Resent them as if they injured you, especially so if they happen to be liberty loving or conservatives.

C) No matter how peacefully the nation has submitted to your laws always treat them as if they are about to revolt. Arm your police with the weapons of war, train your armies in quelling decent and spy on them to turn your suspicions into reality.

D) Whoever you appoint to courts and federal agencies you make sure they are not just and honest. The citizens might mistake the government for the same. Make sure to appoint the most insolent, rude and uneducated for important posts. If you can find some who couldn’t hold a job anywhere but in government so much the better.

E) Confirm the impressions from item D above when grievances are brought to light. Make the pursuit of these grievances costly and time consuming with a final judgment in your favor. This will be a win win all around. It will cut down on future grievances and enable the courts and agencies to go even further abusing their power.

F) Once government appointees have filled their bank accounts to the brim offer them pensions.

G) With taxes always remember a penny taken by force is more honorable than a dollar donated. Do not worry about the burden placed on the taxpayer. Remind the taxpayers that no matter how much you take it is thru your benevolence they can keep any of their earnings. Make sure not to spend the money as promised, use road taxes on welfare, sales taxes on pensions, income taxes on grants to friends, and such. Conform to the rule above and appoint the most surly, partisan and arrogant persons you can find to be in charge of collecting taxes.

H) Any person in a position of power that has the support of the people must be demonized and replaced with one who supports the ruling class views.

I) Those that complain about your rule should be harassed with repeated demands of government from taxes to permits.

These rules in a tongue and cheek way were the grievances of the colonists. This list was published in 1773, or years before the actual rebellion. As you can see these same complaints which resonate today were not addressed by the English government and led to open rebellion in a little over three years later. It makes one wonder if they would have fought as hard for freedom if they knew that their ancestors would vote in the same type of tyrants they fought against.

As you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday take some time to reflect what you would have done in their shoes. Think about what have you done to protect the liberties their sacrifices afford you. Are you registered to vote? Do you make informed voter choices or emotional ones? Do you vote? Do you know who represents you in your district? Not enough Americans stay informed, vote and hold their representative accountable. That is why it seems each Fourth of July we have less freedoms to celebrate than the year before.

Full text of: Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One (here)

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