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The Rocketboys rock Sticky Fingerz


As the lights dim and the crowd begins to make its way to the front of the stage, you can almost feel the anticipation as those around await the start of the Rocketboys show at Sticky Fingerz.

Rocketboys at Sticky Fingerz on February 28, 2010
David Standridge

From the first note, the Rocketboys have captured the hearts of the crowd.  Almost as if it were a symbiotic relationship between band and crowd, the band feeds from the energy that the crowd gives to them.  The melodies created by their blend of instruments only serve to create a support for the lyrics to their songs.  It is not wholly about what the crowd seems to give to the band, but what the band provides in return.  It is apparent that the support that the crowd shows for the band serves to drive the music to new levels as the show progresses.  You can almost feel the adrenaline building with each passing note of music as the crowd and band seem to merge into one being created from the show.

The Rocketboys are:

  • Daniel Wheeler - guitar, aux
  • Justin Wiseman - keys
  • Mitch Holt - guitar, vocals
  • Brandon Kinder - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Josh Campbell - bass, vocals

Should the Rocketboys ever come to town, they are definitely a band that you would want to see.


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