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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum: Need more music and less cost

I remember when The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened. My family and I decided to go and check it out while we were hosting a relative from out of town. The admission fee was about $14 or $15 per person back then. Still, we were extremely excited to see music history in person. While there were some items that were interesting, it also felt as though there was something missing. I do not know if the Rock Hall needed more artifacts, exhibits, or what was needed. I am certain that the people who planned and worked at the Rock Hall did their best. In my humble opinion, though, there was just something missing.

I recently visited the Rock Hall again. This time, it was $23.50 for admission. I toured pretty much all of the Rock Hall again. At the end of the tour, as I walked out of the Rock Hall and headed toward the Waterfront line, I felt the same thing. There is still something missing.

I love music. Rock and Roll Music definitely rates up there with me big time. I am also not a cheap person although admittedly, I do have to watch my finances just like pretty much everyone else in the world. Then, what was missing? I believe that two things were missing. The first one was The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs well, more music. Now, there were some exhibits that did have music. However, it felt more like the music was being imposed on the visitors with big, intimidating screens and loud volume than the guests being able to approach the music and discover it gradually and with ease. Maybe having more listening stations where the guests can either use headphones or just being in a small room where music of certain eras ( 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, etc) is playing. Maybe have five to ten artists for each booth / room and then switch them out for other artists of those eras after two to four weeks ( depending on availability and popularity). . Also, have more live music during the hours of operation. Have more local bands as well as maybe some famous folks stop by every now and again too. You want people to discover and love the classic as well as new music.

Now about the admission fee, I am sorry, but it is way too much per person. There are probably many people out there who want to come to the Rock Hall, but who cannot due to the admission fee. Is not music supposed to include everyone? I believe that one of two things should happen. Either, A.) cut the admission in half all the time ( about $11 or $12 then per person). See if maybe rock stars and other artists could contribute to decrease the price; or funds that support this museum could be allocated differently. The Rock Roll Hall of Fame in New York, I imagine, gives this museum, at least some funds. Maybe there is a way to give more funds or to allocate them differently to lower the price. If not, B.) have one weekend a month where admission is free or at least half-price. That way, more people from Cleveland and elsewhere can come to the Rock Hall. In addition, the Rock Hall Staff will hopefully not be as overwhelmed with all the visitors. It was very kind of The Cleveland Foundation to sponsor a free day a few months ago. However, I imagine that both the Rock Hall Staff and Visitors could barely breathe let alone enjoy the exhibits due to all of the people there.

There has to be a way to increase the music at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as well as decrease the price for admission. If someone does not like my ideas, then please come up with other ideas. Music is a universal language. Everyone should be able to speak it and share it.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located at 1100 Rock and Hall BLVD, Cleveland, OH, 44114 ( East 9th Street at Lake Erie). For more information, please visit their website at or call 216-781-7625.

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