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The Roaring Twenties Bar at The Milestone Hotel, London, is divinely decadent

The Great Gatsby-inspired cocktails, "The Daisy" and "The Gatsby"
The Great Gatsby-inspired cocktails, "The Daisy" and "The Gatsby"
Courtesy of Red Carnation Hotels

This spring F. Scott Fitzgerald's acclaimed novel, The Great Gatsby, has come to life in yet another film adaptation, this time starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby. The movie faithfully portrays the Jazz Age as an era of loosening morals, carefree flappers, dashing bootleggers and skyrocketing stocks.

Martinis go hand-in-hand with the general boom atmosphere of the 1920s, and travelers to London can now be transported back to this time of decadence and emerging prosperity, where the consumer was King. The Milestone Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel located opposite Kensington Palace, is home to a new Roaring Twenties cocktail menu. In the intimate setting of the Stables Bar and The Conservatory, you can partake of two new cocktails inspired by The Great Gatsby.

The Daisy is a simple brown spirit-and-ginger ale highball, created for drinkers to capture their inner independent spirit just like Daisy Buchanan. (The Milestone Hotel recommends mixing your favorite bourbon with a ginger beer.)

Using gin and vermouth, The Gatsby martini is impeccably styled, just like Gatsby himself. Add a dash of maraschino liqueur, bitters, and a dose of absinthe, and you have The Milestone Hotel's version of The Tuxedo.

To accompany these new cocktails, a Flappers Platter of 1920s favorites will be served, including three very diverse items: Crab Stuffed Mushrooms with Parmesan, Waldorf Salad, and Rinktum Diddy. (Rinktum Diddy consists of onion, tomato and cheese with paprika, mixed together with Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce and two beaten eggs, then cooked on low heat.)

A selection of speakeasy events at The Milestone Hotel this summer will further celebrate the style and flavors of the 1920s, including a dinner with leading fashion editor Hilary Alexander (who was previously fashion director at The Daily Telegraph and is currently fashion consultant for Marks & Spencer) on June 27. Alexander will talk about the comeback of '20s glam fashions.

On July 4, The Cocktail Lovers (a married couple who share a passion for cocktails and publish The Cocktail Lovers magazine) will host a cocktail tasting reception and master class on 1920s cocktails at the hotel.

The Milestone Hotel itself is every bit as glamorous as the era it is currently celebrating. A magnificent 19th-century architectural treasure located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Milestone specializes in pampering its guests as if they were "to the manor born." And if, like Gatsby, you had a more humble birth, you can reinvent yourself into royalty.


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