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The road to the Big Game goes straight past an Indiana winery


So, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this thing going on tomorrow in Indiana. / CC BY 2.0

The concept is pretty basic. Apparently like twenty guys are going to line up on this a field and throw this weirdly-shaped ball around for around an hour while generally trying to inflict as much harm on each other as possible. The winner heads on to another game next weekend; the other is left to ice their joints, drown their sorrows, and wait another year to do it all again.

Obviously, if you’re heading to Indianapolis this weekend, you’ve probably got one thing first and foremost on the agenda: Watching Peyton Manning cry like a little girl when the game is over! (Remember Tim Tebow after 'Bama? Kind of like that.) However, if you want to accompany the complete destruction of the Indianapolis Colts with some nice local flavor and maybe inject a little culture into the trip, why not stop in at one of these local wineries while you’re there?  Just remember, folks, leave the trash talk at the stadium.  A little gentle ribbing is certainly all right, but jerks tend to ruin the Bouquet.

Easley Winery
Located in downtown Indianapolis, Easley Winery offers free tastings M-Saturday 9-4 and Sundays noon-4 with free winery tours on the weekend. They offer 20 different grape wines, Indiana Champagne, Mead, and three fruit wines. Founded in the 1960s, the winery’s original owners were the driving force behind having the Indiana Prohibition law changed in 1974. Prior to that time, it was illegal to both make and sell wine in Indiana. Considering that we know a little something about annoying wine laws here in Maryland, it’s worth the drive over to thank these original dreamers and maybe get a little inspiration for our own great battle in this year’s General Assembly Session.

Mallow Run Winery
Indiana’s 2008 winery of the year is located a short, 20 minute, drive south of Indy and is open daily from noon-6p. Offering approximately twenty different varietals, they also offer a chance to drink for good through their two Pink-label wines. The dry is a Zinfandel Rose while the sweet is a Syrah blend. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold from this label is donated towards the cause of Breast Cancer research!

Grape Inspirations Winery
Located in Carmel, the winery offers 40 different wines with the opportunity for local visitors to make their own. I mention this not for this weekend, but as something to consider if the Ravens’ schedule has us visiting Indy with a four or five-week gap in between. File that away, and you might find yourself making your very own batch of “Johnny U Forever Red” next fall! The winery is open T-Saturday 11a-7p, and Sundays noon-4p.

For more information about other Indiana Wineries, please visit

Go Ravens!


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