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The road to success in the workplace

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The road to success in the workplace is not a one lane highway. It also includes exits that lead to opportunities. In other words, it's not always about "you"; but rather, it's about what "you can do for others" that will lead to those successes. Each one of those opportunities will be different, but in the end, they provide a chance to prove worth and show ability to handle some difficult and not so difficult situations.

To get onto the road to success in the workplace means finding direction. In other words, dream big, but stay focused on the goals. What do "you" want in terms of a career? Does it include choosing to succeed? More important, are "you" committed to staying focused on those goals? Do those goals include others and how will those relationships foster a cohesiveness with one another?

Staying on the road to success in the workplace means driving over the occasional pothole in an otherwise smooth highway. Sometimes those road hazards will be pretty big, but being able to navigate over them is what will bring encouragement and a reminder that "you" were born to succeed no matter what is thrown in the way.

Finally, maintaining the road to success in the workplace means that everyone has a stake in their own future. Tap into those talents, both one's own and those of fellow peers and show the boss how much unlimited potential there is. Not only with this show how much value there is amongst the department, but it will serve as a reminder that "you" can achieve whatever "you" set your mind to and make sure that the road to success stays in tip top condition.

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