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The road ahead the interesting gray areas, Thelema and Aleister Crowley

“The New Aeon of Horace"

Will is not Want. Wrangling the mind with interesting dialogue. Aleister Crowley is worthy of reading, the man’s writings do take some deep mental involvement, it’s not for the numb of mind.

The profit of the new aeon

“The New Aeon of Horace" and the destruction of old religious paradigms: every man and woman is a star.” Crowley pronounced these ideas in a time when it did not make him famous, in fact it made him infamous. Religion was very set in its way and so were people’s minds. Society has come a long way now, and Crowley’s writings are more accepted and understood. Crowley was ahead of his time.

New age nonsense

The lack of fear in facing the whole of life is more prominent now. The family unit is not as strong as it once was, and individuality was non-existent in the days of old. Aleister’s work is most often misunderstood and sometimes even more so people misinterpret it for the shock effect. The man was very unapologetically honest with the information that he and his wife were given which he wrote about in his most famous work The Book of Law.

Magick in Theory and Practice or Magick Without Tears

The blending of religions and the blurring of genders, and the child who doesn’t speak.

Do what thou wilt

What did that mean? This was Mr. Crowley’s most famous quote and people tend to interpret it as meaning do whatever the hell you want and don’t look back. The quote, “Do what thou wilt,” of course does not. It does mean however, The freedom and the strictest possible bond. You have to do what you were put on this earth to do, to the exclusion of all else. Don’t let anything else distract you from it. Will meant The Divine.


Repressing the dark and the things we don’t like to feel or talk about is where most of our strength comes from, and to deny that portion of the self is to deny the strength of the heart of the being.

Love and The Will = 93 Thelema means agape which means love

Love that is purely focused. Aleister Crowley was all about love and the balance of love for healing, and that every human being deserves some kind of love. Every relationship should stem from love. All of your reactions are reflecting back to you. If you are not balanced it’s harder to transcend and to go deeper into yourself. If you are worried about where you will get your next meal or your are throwing yourself into extreme emotions, these are all distractions.

Jesus’ example said if we have love then the 600 and something laws will be obeyed automatically

“To love is better than all distractions. Invoke it with all intention and the flame will come into your bosom. Always in the love you will come to joy. I love you and I yearn to you, and drunkenness from the innermost sense. To love is better than all things. A secret glory to all who love, not faith: certainty. The flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star.”

Meditation practice

Make the sacred space, prayer and ground, and set your intention. Meditation is not necessarily ‘sitting’ for everyone. The experience of meditation can come in many different forms, running, doing the dishes, sitting in nature, driving your car. A sacred space is merely clearing your mind, and many different things work for different people to clear the mind, don’t feel you must do something that does not seem to work for you but appeals and works for another. The purpose of meditation is to charge up the soul, to draw in the Qi or life force and to learn to walk with it. It’s not escapism.

You in this world not of it

The extraneous mental chatter, it’s a practice you need to come into, one little detail can set the tone for you in ritual. You can do it for years and not get it and then one day the details unfold for you when you are ready. We all have our daily rituals, whether you think of them as being religious or spiritual or not the effect is the same.

Diet, how does it affect the life force

When you cut back on the amount of food you over indulge in, you definitely notice the difference. The same goes for overeating meat, the energy is just different. Some people think that to eat cheese or ice cream or to want to eat these things to block spirit, or says that you are not ready yet to receive spirit so you are blocking it subconsciously. This is overly nitpicking on details, and obsessive. Your pattern of thought and speech, which leads to your actions, is more important.

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