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The rise of free business card software

Royalty-free Image: Man holding blank business card

Whether you are self employed, a small business employee or work for a large company, your business card conveys more than just your name and contact information.

The material of the card, the fonts, your logo, photo, two-sided, etc.are your first impression that your clients have about you.

The look of your business cards is considered the face of your company.

Consistency in design, color and type is important to reinforce the business’ identity.

Certain business sectors convey a more traditional or conservative card format. These include real-estate, law and banking. While others such as say marketing and advertising, should be more original and bold whether it be the shape, the typeface or logo.

Leave a lasting impression with custom business cards using free business card software is the way to go. Not only will you save money, you also get the benefit of inexpensively changing the format of the card over time, if you desire. You also don’t have to print so many cards at once, which is required by printing companies, but rather print as many as you wish. You have the ability to print various styles of business card for your one business and do your own test marketing-to see which format results in the most sales. Or if you have more than one business, that versatility exists as well.

When you’re creating content for the web it can easily be changed on the fly. If you change your phone number and you’ve just printed 2000 cards, you’re out of luck. Make sure to only include essential information on your business card and leave out what may change over time. If they need your hours of operation, they can get that information on your website.

The professional quality of relatively inexpensive laser printers allow for easy to use desktop publishing software. Of course you have to choose the right software to ensure professional quality no matter how good your printer is. These websites offer various templates to choose from and these free business card software enable you to design and print business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads, labels and other artworks within a few minutes.

A great business card is absolutely essential to set you apart and it is often the first peek a potential client gets into who you are and how you conduct your business. A sloppy card will speak just as loudly as a stunning one. If you want to leave a lasting impression, you need a professional looking business card.

The fact that most people have very ordinary, familiar business cards works in your favor. As soon as you hand someone a unique card it will almost always lead to a positive reaction, and hopefully a positive working relationship. They will also most likely hold onto the card even if they’re not planning on doing immediate business with you, this could lead to future business or a referral. You are in fact conveying a feeling, establishing your brand and transferring crucial information in one efficient unit.

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