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The Rise And Fall Of The United States Of America

The Rise And Fall Of The United States Of America
The Rise And Fall Of The United States Of America
Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Some 238 years ago a group if English citizens told the mother country that the time had come for them to leave. We were being taxed obscenely. We were treated as if we were second rate citizens so we overthrew our fathers. We were the rebels. As we grew in size and became a force to be reckoned with we became a Nation. We were Americans as long as you were white. We overcame and took in all colors and nationalities. We still treated the native Americans as second rate citizens until we realized that casinos were the way to go. We battled Fascism and other tyrants and dictators and brought the world to nuclear devastation but better heads prevailed.

The world still comes to us for help because we are still the land of the free. This has changed in the last fifty years. It seems the greatest generation was our last. They guided us through WWII and helped us through the Cold War. We seem to have lost our way after that. We had tricky Dick and his Watergate fiasco. We've had Carter and his Iranian controversy. We had Nancy running the show when Ronnie was napping. George the first didn't finish the job and Clinton loves to play with cigars. Next we had George the second with his father issues and now we have Obama, enough said. What's worse, and I mean worse, is now we have the idiots in Congress who do no work but take more vacation days than most citizens take in twenty years and they still get paid. We have congressmen who read us Green Eggs and Ham and a Speaker who can't stop crying. So my question is this, has America reached her peaked?

In my heart I hope not for we still are the greatest place to live on this planet. We say that we can get rid of these idiots in power when elections come but we still keep putting them back into office. They in turn keep running this country into the ground. Thoughts of the Revolution come to mind but then we say no, we can overcome. Unfortunately, can we overcome? The Chinese own most of what we are and though I like egg rolls one can only eat so many buffets before you burst.

We need help. We need direction. We are not going to achieve it with the idiots we have now. So I leave you with this. It is not to late for this country but we are running out of time. For some of us we are getting to old and if we don't start kicking our children in the behind to wake them up we may be to late. For now, we are still the United States of America.