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The RINOs are on the wrong side of the fence on job lock

Job lock
Job lock
By Bert Loftman

The RINOs (Republican in Name Only) support job lock that results in workers staying with a job they might otherwise leave, in order to retain their job-based health care. The Conservative Republicans and the Democrats, for the time being, are on the other side where the grass is green.

In July of 2013, President Obama decreed an executive order that delays the employer mandate. This is just pointing out the fact. It is not to say that executive orders that change Congressional legislations are a good thing or Constitutional.

A recent Congressional Budget Office report implied that job-based medical insurance is decreasing because of ObamaCare. This would be a good thing because it solves the job lock problem where workers often lose their coverage when they change jobs. This is inherent with employers owning the insurance policies of their workers.

Progressives are in lock step as they jump aboard. At a February 6th press conference, Nancy Pelosi said, “people would no longer be job-locked by their policies, but have the freedom to follow their passion.” The New York Times reports that Harry Reid says, “The report ‘rightfully says that people shouldn’t have job lock’”. He continued, “We live in a country where we should be free agents. People can do what they want.” Progressive media outlets such as USA Today and Think Progressive are parroting the mantra that ObamaCare is the fix for job lock.

Republicans tout the CBO report that projected two million job losses and down play the job lock issue. The Los Angeles Times points out the dilemma over President Obama’s executive order improving job lock. Conservative Mark Levin said, “If, ‘job lock’ issue is such a big issue, why did Congress and the Unions get a waiver so they could keep their employer-based health care?”

Levin is wrong. Job-based health care and job lock is a big issue. On any given year, a worker might never think of his health care coverage but over forty years of employment, job-lock is a big deal. Losing medical insurance is a big consideration when workers change jobs and when they think of retiring.

Some employers seem to think they are doing their workers a favor because they believe their workers would not get their own health insurance. These employers are not conservatives; they are corporate socialists.

Another problem is the crony capitalist insurance companies. They benefit from job-based health care when insurance companies pay most of the health care. The insurance companies make large profits from the insurance premiums.

Insurance companies lobby the RINOs to continue the system. Real conservatives would legislate an end to this system of job-based health insurance. This would move us closer to free market medical care. To do this, the income tax codes must be ended or changed.

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