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The Ringwald keeps on rolling with its 8th season of unexpected theatre

The Ringwald's new season continues it's tradition of nontraditional choices.
The Ringwald's new season continues it's tradition of nontraditional choices.
Courtesy of The Ringwald

How can you not love The Ringwald Theatre? The announcement of the intrepid troupe’s 8th Season is rich with a devil-may-care blend of tony, edgy work and blissfully liberating parody. They’ve described it as “an actor’s playground and an audience’s buffet” and we can’t argue with that. We are just comforted to know that, if things start getting too familiar or complacent, we can always pop into The Ringwald for a few happy surprises.

The new season official kicks off September 5. But you may want to check out some other events they're hosting in the meantime. For instance, this weekend, it’s the Detroit Improv Festival, and several events are being staged courtesy of our friends in Ferndale.

You can also check out the one-night-only, one-man performance of Javier Rivera’s “Salve Regina: A Coming Of Gay Story.” Transferring over from its Chicago production, this story leans heavily into the Madonna legend, exploring how the pop-star’s ability to continuously reinvent herself inspired a young Puerto Rican boy to fight for his own dreams. “Salve Regina” is written and performed by Javier Rivera and will play at The Ringwald on Friday, August 22 at 8 p.m.

Looking beyond Labor Day, The Ringwald’s 2014-2015 season of unpredictable theatre looks like this:

September 5-September 29, 2014 – “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner

After a successful run of “Part One: Millennium Approaches” this past February, The Ringwald now presents both parts of the epic play. Revolving around the AIDS crisis in New York City in the ‘80s, Kushner’s play is challenging, ferocious, and unforgettable. This is a rare chance to see both parts, “Millennium Approaches” and “Perestroika” together at the same time.

October 11-November 3, 2014 – “Are You There God? It’s Me, Carrie” by Lisa Melinn and Dyan Bailey

A coming-of-age story like no other, this hilarious parody mashes-up the Judy Blume classic with the wayward, telekinetic Carrie White. And it’s a musical. With ‘70s pop hits sprinkled throughout. High school will never be the same again!

November 14-December 8, 2014 – “Stupid Fucking Bird” by Aaron Posner

In this irreverent, contemporary, and wickedly funny “sort of adaptation” of Chekhov’s “The Seagull,” award-winning playwright Aaron Posner stages a timeless battle between young and old, past and present, in search of the true meaning of it all. An aspiring young director rampages against the art created by his mother’s generation. A nubile young actress wrestles with an aging Hollywood star for the affections of a renowned novelist. And everyone discovers just how disappointing love, art, and growing up can be.

December 19-22, 2014 – “The SantaLand Diaries & Season’s Greetings” by David Sedaris

Adapted for the stage by Joe Mantello, this annual Ringwald anti-holiday treat makes its return for another round of twisted Christmas fun!

January 9-February 2, 2015 – “The Boys in the Band" by Mart Crowley

Announced last season, but a victim of rescheduling, Mart Crowley’s seminal, groundbreaking play will make its Ringwald debut in January. In his upper eastside Manhattan apartment, Michael is throwing a birthday party for Harold, a self-avowed "32 year-old, pock-marked, Jew fairy", complete with surprise gift: Cowboy, a street hustler. As the evening wears on, fueled by drugs and alcohol, bitter, unresolved resentments among the guests come to light when a game of "Truth" goes terribly wrong.

February 20-March 16, 2015 – “Glengarry Glen Ross" by David Mamet

Winner of the 1984 Pulitzer Prize, David Mamet's scalding comedy is about small-time, cutthroat real estate salesmen trying to grind out a living by pushing plots of land on reluctant buyers in a never-ending scramble for their fair share of the American dream. Here is Mamet at his very best, writing with brutal power about the tough life of tough characters who cajole, connive, wheedle, and wheel and deal for a piece of the action – where closing a sale can mean a brand new Cadillac but losing one can mean losing it all.

April 10-May 4, 2015 – "Tender Napalm" by Philip Ridley

From the author of “Mercury Fur,” comes “Tender Napalm,” a high-impact, high-concept exploration of the relationship between two people and the violent world that surrounds them…and the place where these things meet. Explosive, poetic and brutal, the play weaves a compelling tapestry to re-examine and re-define the language of love…and how that love struggles to survive in the face of catastrophe. Seldom has sexual love been explored on stage with such ferocious honesty, brutality and melting tenderness. Language is both a consolation and a weapon used to penetrate and castrate.

May 15-June 8, 2015 – “10 Naked Men” by Ronnie Larsen

The team that brought you “Making Porn” is back with another Ronnie Larsen jam. Robert, a slightly overweight actor, moves to Hollywood seeking his fame and fortune. When he arrives he encounters all sorts of Hollywood types: hustlers, agents, directors, and a rough ex-con! Larsen’s play is hilarious and sweet-and fulfills the promise of its title – yes, it contains nudity.

All productions are to be performed at The Ringwald Theatre, located at 22742 Woodward Avenue in downtown Ferndale at Nine Mile Road. For more information and to find out about ticket reservations, please call 248-545-5545 or visit the Ringwald website.

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