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The Right Whale migration

North Right Whales
North Right Whales
Lisa Schultz

In the winter months, the northern hemisphere sees many different species migrating south to warmer climates. Migration is defined by the Wikipedia as the "directed, regular, or systematic movement of a group of objects, organisms, people, or animals". Florida sees many animal migrations, including the elusive snowbird.

One migration that is not well known is that of the northern right whale which begins in the middle of November and goes until mid-April. These massive whales migrate to the warmer waters of Georgia and Florida every year for calving season.

There are several species of right whales and the populations have grown since their protection in 1935 by federal anti-whaling measures went into effect, with the exception of the Northern Right whale. There have been only a few hundred of these whale spotted and the numbers do not seem to be growing.

On November 20th at the Seawalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach there will be a right whale festival. This is only the second year that this festival has been held. There is much to be learned at this festival as well as a great way to show your support and to help the cause.

If you spot a right whale wildlife officials urge you to report the location of the whale by calling 888-404-FWCC.


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