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'The Right to Live' featured at the Northeast Film Festival

"The Right to Live" film poster
RayStar Film and Production Inc.

This weekend's Northeast Film Festival will feature the RayStar Film and Production Inc. dramatic film "The Right to Live." The festival runs from Friday, Sept. 5 to Sunday, Sept. 7 at the Teaneck Cinemas in Teaneck, New Jersey, and "The Right to Live" will show at 11 a.m. on Friday.

The movie was written and directed by RayStar Film founders Nancy Vazquez and Michele Frantzeskos, who each have a personal connection to the film's emotional subject matter. There are four couples that go through the storyline of "The Right to Live," and they each are dealing with some form of abuse. The couples enter group therapy, and the background of the abusive relationships is further revealed. Viewers will feel like they are witnessing the emotional situations firsthand, and will watch anxiously to see if the couples break the cycle of abuse and come to a positive resolution.

Vazquez and Frantzeskos seek to raise awareness of various types of abuse through the film, and encourage people in abusive relationships to seek help. "We stand in this world striving to make a difference by helping others and teaching people that they need to believe in themselves and not let anyone break their spirit to make them feel powerless," they said in a statement. "We at RayStar Film and Production Inc. are ready for change to happen with this powerful movement of a film."

RayStar also established an anti-bullying campaign in 2013 called “PROJECT WAKE UP." "WAKE" is an acronym that means "We Are Kids Educated United and Positive." Vazquez and Frantzeskos visit schools across the Tri-State area and talk to the youth about bullying and abuse prevention. The program and its accompanying song, "WAKE UP," were honored by Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilman Dan Panico for their efforts. "Too many children are losing their lives due to this," Vazquez and Frantzeskos said in a statement. "We at RayStar Film and Production Inc. are here to raise awareness."

Watch the powerful trailers for "The Right to Live" on the RayStar website.

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