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The Right to Bear Arms; Tank Top Style


Now that it's officially summer, it is time to start dressing weather appropriate. Southern California is hotter than ever so it is best to retire all the long sleeves and bring out the tanks! Guys and girls can now show their sculpted arms with a flattering tank top while simultaneously staying cool. Tank tops come in an array of styles and designs that allow for people to individualize their look. The oversized tank with the deep neck line and the large arm holes is trending at the moment. However, the standard look can be varied by cutting off a pocket of another shirt or even pants and sew it on the tank. Another variation can be simply taking a favorite vintage shirt and cutting off the sleeves to create your own tank.

These go well with a pair of jeans or some nice cut offs. For a chic Bohemian look, try opting for a vintage inspired look by slashing the fabric a little and wearing it with some long necklace chains. Designers that offer nice affordable tanks are Acknowlege, Topman, Urban Outfitters, and Gap.