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The right to be stupid

If Christians in Arizona want to have the right not to serve gays, I believe they should have that right. Everyone ought to have the right to be stupid. Why they pick on one group of sinners and will gladly serve fornicators, porn addicts and adulterers is beyond me. I can see it now. Customers come into their business and there is a stand up podium with a questionnaire on it. Customers will only be served if they check the right boxes. Let me see. Box 1: not gay. Box 2: not a fornicator. Box 3: Not an adulterer. Box 4. Not a porn addict. Box 5: Not involved in bestiality. Box 6: Have never watched Sex in the City. Box 7: Have never looked upon a women with lust in my heart. Oh please! Ought there not be a box for the self-righteous managers of such a business establishment? Have they never lusted? Have they never had a bad thought about their neighbor's wife, or the gal at the check out counter, or lingered a little too long one that questionable TV show?

It's a ridiculous brand of Christianity that thinks that we can avoid certain sinners in society and not others. It's a mockery of the cross of Christ to believe that some of us are sinners and others not. In this world of ours if I wanted to avoid all sinners I might begin with some more insidious evils like theft and murder. I might look at the practices of certain large corporations and think about boycotting them. But that too is ridiculous, because all corporations are filled with sinners too. The teachings of Jesus Christ tell us that. None of us is exempt. Even after we have repented of sin, we still do. We may not want to, but we cannot help it. Even the Apostle Paul admitted that he often did what he did not want to do (Romans 7:15). It's just the way we are.

If I have a business, I am going to serve all the sinners. But, just now a naughty thought entered my head. Maybe I will refuse to serve self-righteous people. Nah! I'll even serve them, because, after all, even this is a form of self-righteousness. I just can't help it. It's the way we human beings are. God help us!

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