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The right move - how to stay cool and calm when moving to a new home

Bring your pets to the new home to help them get used to their new surroundings.
Bring your pets to the new home to help them get used to their new surroundings.
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The four biggest stressors in peoples’ lives are marriage, death, divorce, and moving. While there are solutions to every situation, finding answers for the first three involve writing a book. However, we can deal with the fourth and least complicated situation: moving. There are many ways you can de-stress during a move. And while juggling your time, and helping your family and pets to stay anxiety-free can be a challenge, the following tips will relieve some of the pressure that comes with moving from one abode to another:

•  Moving takes plenty of planning, so be sure to make time to get rid of some of your excess baggage.  When packing, place unwanted items to the side and forget about them. Bringing them with you will only add clutter to your new home.

•  Remain flexible during the moving process. It is in the best interest of each family member to remain calm to ensure a smooth transition from the old home to the new one.

•  Be organized – make sure your children’s schedules are kept the same as what they’ve been used to. Show them the new place and let them stay overnight, if possible. Children adjust quickly once they feel comfortable and have become familiar with their surroundings.

•  Just like children, pets can feel overwhelmed. Since dogs and cats are more attached to you than a home, they will adjust well, as long as you’re around them. Take your furry friends on a trip to the new home and bring some of their toys, food bowls, and extra chew bones to reassure them and keep them busy.

Susan McParland, a long-time resident of Long Island, recently moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a smaller residence. She downsized her living space, gave away much of the furniture, and de-cluttered her life.

“We all buy things that we really don’t need and then wind up finding it in the closet at an unexpected time—such as moving,” said McParland. “My advice is to sort through all of your contents and get rid of as much as possible before moving into the new place. It will help your move to go much more smoothly.”

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  • Kathy Winiker 5 years ago

    This article hits all the "hot" spots of why we SO need to de-stress during moving, and how best to do so! Bravo for giving a terrific overview of the process and ways to handle it better!

  • beebee martin 5 years ago

    a toast to you for the great advice,since i will be using it to help my mother de clutter.great idea of putting everything aside that you have not use in years and donating it, thanks again

  • Vivian Ellis 5 years ago

    Great ideas that can make moving easier. We need good advice about how to stay calm because moving can be a very difficult process. Didn't think about the pets. I guess it can be hard on them as well. I know I hate moving but it can be a great time to de-clutter and simplify one's life.

  • Karen Bonnet 5 years ago

    Thank you, girls -- I enjoy reading all of your comments...keep on sending them!

  • Profile picture of Edward Thirlwall
    Edward Thirlwall 2 years ago

    Thanks for these very helpful tips! Sometimes you just do not know how to handle things, especially in a very hectic and panic situations. Moving is a very difficult move and if you have kids, the load is even greater. Support, both physical and mental, is very critical in such a situation. And the rest of the tips that you provided are very necessary too. Planning and organizing are two main components when you are moving and following the schedule thoroughly throughout the entire phase. From packing to loading from the self storage all the way to the new home.

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