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The right medication to treat your symptoms

Taking medications can be risky business. On top of what you are already suffering with, side effects to some medications can make matters worse. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what it is you are treating to ensure that you are properly medicating yourself. Spring can be a time of good weather, but it is also known to kick start allergy season. Some common symptoms of allergies can be mistaken for the common cold such runny nose, cough, and headache; but taking cold medicine will not alleviate the problem because the infection is actually in your sinus cavity. Now you’re heavily medicated and still suffering from the same symptoms with no relief. On the other hand, those who may actually be suffering from a cold may assume because of the change in weather that their symptoms attribute to seasonal allergies and proceed to take allergy meds that won’t help them get better.

To avoid being sick for too long, do yourself a favor by instead of diagnosing yourself, go to your doctor and find out what’s really going on. By doing so you could be saving yourself and others from something potentially dangerous like, developing asthma or spreading the flu virus. With so many over the counter medications it’s easy to overlook the one that’s best for your symptoms, but seeking a professional opinion should never steer you wrong.

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