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"The right and wrong use of cardio"

" The right and wrong use of cardio"

By Leo Costa and Joe Breen C.F.T.

Okay folks spring is around the corner, and we are getting ready for beach season in a little over a month, so we are going to look at the fastest route to get lean. While cardio is one of the three important steps one must engage in to spped up fat loss, there are right and wrong ways to implement it. This week we will take a look at it. What are the right things to do, what are the wrong things to do.

The first thing we don't want to do is abandon strength training. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there are three things one must have in every training program in order for it to be successful, strength training, nutrition, and cardio. Don't try to lose fat doing cardio without strength training. Excessive cardio burns muscle, causing the skinny-fat look. You need strength training to maintain muscle and keep your metabolism going strong. The other thing we want to avoid is lack of proper nutrition. Cardio without healthy nutrition is a waste of time. A healthy diet will make you lose fat faster.

To get the most out of your cardio, you want to to focus on three cardio sessions to start with at about 30 minutes a piece. Some people opt to warm up with 15 minutes of cardio before before their weight training session, and then do the reamining 15 minutes after they are finished. Or you can do it all after training, it's up to you. To start with focus on keeping your heart rate at 65% to 75% of your maximum heart rate. This will get you started on the right track to that beach body. For more information go to

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