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The right actor headshot could change a career

The greatest challenge for a struggling actor is getting the right headshot. A headshot is a photo that an actor uses to procure work. Since many castings are now done through online services, a headshot is often just a thumbnail on the computer screen, so it should standout.

A sample of a working actor headshot
Paul Smith Photography

Casting Directors often call an actor in for an audition simply off his or her headshot. One audition for the right role could change an actor’s life in a moments notice.

It is important to find the right photographer. It is recommended that an actor meet with several photographers and see if he or she feels comfortable with the photographer's personality and style. Some headshot photographers shoot outside in natural light, while others will shoot inside with studio lighting.

There are cheap headshot photographers in Los Angeles, but they may not take great pictures. Consider investing in a reputable and respected headshot photographer. A great headshot photographer will be able to provide several choices for commercial and theatrical work.

Photographers have a hair and makeup person that is hired separately for a shoot. Discussions on wardrobe with the photographer are also recommended. When taking a variety of pictures, actors should take into consideration how casting may perceive them.

Many times an agent will want to see photo proofs and help pick out which headshots to use for auditions. They also may want to try several photos out to see which pictures are getting a response from casting directors.

Here are some highly recommended headshot photographers in Los Angeles.

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