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The reversed wheel of fortune tarot card: A matter of perception

The Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
Rider Waite

Consider fortune to be a mindset. It is what we make it out to be. It is as we perceive it, and reflected in our appreciation of it, or lack thereof. What it may be to me may not be what it is to you. What it is to you, may not be what it is to me.

For some, having an excess of what they need- having more and more and more of something, be it money, gold, candy, friends, loved ones, whatever it is equates to having a fortune. For others having a fortune may mean simply having all they need of the various things they require without the need for more and more and more. What fortune is to you, that is what fortune is to you. What fortune is to me, that is what fortune is to me. It really is quite simple. This is the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in the upright position.

There is a different attitude about fortune when the Wheel of Fortune card is in the reversed position, however. Now, instead of feeling as though we have all we need, instead of appreciating what we have, we now focus on the lack. What is missing, or rather, what is perceived to be missing from our life? We ask, “Why isn’t my life perfect? Why am I not as happy as I should be? What isn’t there that should be there, and if it were there, would make life perfect?”

If you have a hundred dollars, maybe you wonder why you don’t have two hundred. If you have a hamburger to eat, maybe you wonder why you don’t have a steak. If you have water to drink, maybe you wonder why you don’t have orange juice. Some people live their life this way. They always feel like something is wrong because in their mind, they don’t have what they “need.” But if they relaxed and got out of their head and stopped worrying about what they don’t have and examined the good qualities of what they do have, they would surely see that their life is good regardless of what isn’t there.

When the Wheel of Fortune card comes up for you in the reversed position, accept it as an invitation to ask yourself, “I’m happy, right? I have what I need, right?” If the answer is an honest “No, not really.” Do not use this as an excuse to be a martyr. Assess what is positive and good in your life and make a realistic plan to fill in the gaps with what you truly honestly need. Whatever you do, don’t whine or complain that things are not perfect, because you yourself have the ability to make it perfect. Start with your attitude and go from there. It really is that simple.

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