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The reversed temperance tarot card: Deconstruction

Rider Waite

The temperance card of tarot brings to mind alchemy. We imagine the bringing together of elements and of energies to create a unified whole. Once blended, something new is created. We no longer have a bit of this and a bit of that, and some of this other thing. No, what we have now is an entirely new entity made up of all these individual elements. The Temperance card in the reversed position is just like that, only going backwards.

In its reversed position, the temperance card suggests a deconstruction. Instead of putting something together, we are now taking it apart to see what it is made of. Imagine a car engine. Imagine a wanna-be mechanic curious to know how this car engine works, so he takes on the task of taking it a part, bit by bit and piece by piece. In so doing, he is learning what all the pieces are and where they go, and possibly even what they do. This principle can be applied to everyday life as well.

Sometimes, do you ever just feel weird, or a little off but you are not sure why? Do you ever wonder where certain feelings are coming from and what they have to do with you? When this happens, it is time for some reversed temperance card deconstruction. Examine the situation you are in and the people around you. What can you tell about these people just by observing their actions, attitudes, body language, and general demeanor? Are they happy people? Upset? Angry? Something else?

Imagine everything they are feeling as a wave of energy that is coming at you. Imagine yourself as a sponge unwittingly absorbing these waves. Now they are clinging to you. You are stuck with them. But they are not organic to you, so why do you want them? Know for yourself that you should be feeling good and content. Peel away anything that does not support that and be done with it. Wring this proverbial sponge of all energy that is not your contentment. This is to deconstruct the energetic construct of you. It is a healthy and wise practice.

When the temperance card comes up for you in a reading, ask yourself, what is clinging to me that I do not need and do not want? Once you have identified this, peel it away and be done with it.

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