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The reversed strength card: Fear

The Rider Waite Strength Card, reversed
Rider Waite Tarot

In the upright position, the strength card denotes fortitude. It reminds us to find the power within ourselves to face whatever it is that is before us. We are reminded to face our obstacles and problems fearlessly. We must tap into our personal power and not back down from anything that life throws at us. We must face our demons and stare them down. We have the power to do anything we want. We have the power to overcome any obstacle, as long as we find the strength within us. And yes, each and every one of us has this power. But do we know it? Has this strength been tested? Have we needed to tap into it before? The strength card comes up to tell us that we have the inner strength to face any situation.

But what about when it comes up for us in the reversed position? Is it telling us that we are weak? Is it telling us that we are powerless? Is it telling us that we do not have what it takes to face whatever is before us or to get past an obstacle in our path? No. That is not what it is telling us at all.

In the reversed position, the strength card is telling us that we are approaching a situation from a position of fear. So ask yourself, why? Why are you letting fear seize control? Why are you not being stronger than that which you are facing? You certainly have the power to, so why aren’t you? The reversed strength card is a strong reminder to find your personal power and to use it. So use it! You are not; none of us are, on the earth to bow to weaknesses. We are each powerful and strong in a multitude of ways, so find the strength and the power within to face any fear. Do it!

When the strength card comes up for you in a reading, remind yourself that you are strong. Stop using fear as an excuse not to achieve your goals. Your ego loves fear. With fear in place, your ego will tell you of your limits, thus keeping itself from having to reinvent itself. But once you push past your fears you redefine the boundaries of your abilities and of your soul. Now the ego is that much less powerful while your spirit becomes ever stronger. With the reversed strength card, remind yourself of this. You will only grow ever and ever stronger.

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