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The reversed magician: Sabotage

The reversed magician card
Rider Waite Tarot

In its upright position, the magician indicates manifestation. This is a raw, primal creative force. Where there was once nothing, now there is something. From the simple desire for there to be, now there is. In this power, a magician can assess what is there as it pertains to what is needed. The magician can tap into the powers of the universe and bring to earth these things that will enhance their life and the world itself. What though, can you gleam from this card in the reversed position?

In the reversed position, the magician can be seen as sabotage. Whereas the upright magician manifests and brings into being that which was not there, and to instigate opportunities for advancement and betterment, the reversed magician is seen to block these things. The question becomes why?

To manifest that which makes our life better is to achieve success. Do you fear success? Some people do. For some, the paradigm that they live in is so comfortable and cozy that any deviation from it can cause distress. For these people, even a life of misery is preferred simply because it is familiar. Why change? Why not stay just the way they are?

This keeps them from redefining who they are. They are content with how they see themselves; they are content with how others see them, so why rock the boat? Why change? Why bring into being anything that will force them to redefine who they are?

So a person living the life of a reversed magician will, when presented with the opportunity to change or to realign their circumstances, block the opportunities to do so. There is fear involved. When you stay exactly the same, you do not have to put yourself out there. You do not have to risk failure. Excuses for staying the same are easier to make than any real effort to change. If you don’t try, you don’t run the risk of failure. If you never fail, nobody can call you a loser. So why try? Why not leave well enough alone and remain as you are? This is easy to do. All you have to do is nothing.

But who is truly content with that? When the magician comes up reversed for you, ask yourself, “Am I sabotaging myself? Am I standing in the way of my own good fortune?” Examine your ideas and your attitude and find your way past it. Don’t let fear rule you. Your thoughts make your reality. Any true magician knows that. Instead of creating a negative life with self-defeating thoughts, why not create a positive and affirming life with thoughts of fearless success?

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