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The reversed high priestess: Denial

The reversed high priestess
Rider Waite Tarot

In the upright position, the high priestess represents intuition and absolute truths. It reminds us that our spirit is wiser than the ego, and that what we know intuitively is the absolute truth. What our brain tells us is often tainted by the ego, which has an agenda all of its own. We are reminded that the absolute truth is unalterable. The absolute truth is often difficult to access because the ego casts a shadow over it. But if we are honest with ourselves, we can tap into these knowings of truth.

In the reversed position though, what is the high priestess suggesting? If in the upright position, she reminds us to look for the absolute truth, then in the reversed position, she ask us if we accept this truth. She may be asking, “Are you in denial?”

Denial, of course, is a product of the ego. The ego has its own idea of what it wants the truth to be and what it doesn’t want it to be. Is the absolute truth something you simply don’t want to face? Why not? Too difficult? Too painful?

That’s understandable, but does nothing to change any facts. To face the truth is to accept reality as it is. To accept reality as it is, is to know exactly what it is you are dealing with when you want to make changes. How can you make changes when you do not accept what it is that you are changing for what it is? It cannot be done. You must allow for your intuition to guide you. When your intuition tells you something, and it is absolutely clear to you that your intuition is right, accept it. It may not be the message you want to hear, but it is the message you need to hear. Accepting this will propel you on your journey must faster than denial will.

When the high priestess comes up reversed for you in a reading, ask yourself, “What is it about what I know intuitively that I don’t like? Be honest with yourself and find the answer. Once you have the answer, face it. Deal with it. Move on from it. This will give you strength and a clear advantage in the situation every time.

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