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The reversed hermit: Persecution complex

The Rider Waite Hermit Card Reversed
Rider Waite

In the upright position, the hermit card denotes a person is comfortable being alone. Here is somebody who enjoys their time to their self and embraces it. This is somebody who taps into their inner resources and finds a reserve of wisdom and knowing ness there. The hermit card suggests a person who is uncomfortable in crowds and would rather withdraw from the multitudes and spend time in inner reflection more so than jumping on bandwagons and going along with the crowd. This is a meditative person who likely prefers time amongst the trees in nature over the crowds of a shopping mall or city street. Even in a shopping mall or city street, however, chances are they find comfort in the silence within. In short, the hermit card suggest an introverted person who is comfortable enough with their own self to appreciate being alone.

In the reversed position, however, the hermit still suggests a person alone, however, they are not comfortable with it. They may feel victimized. Uncomfortable being alone, they likely have a persecution complex as they feel that they have been abandoned. They may ask, “What is wrong with me? Why have I been left alone? Doesn’t anybody like me?” They may so used to the attention that others give them that to suddenly be alone is painful. This may make them feel unlovable and unloved. This is silly though. This is just their ego’s reaction. The ego has this need for attention. To not have this attention can be strange and foreign to one who is used to it, or perhaps a distant yearning and dream to one who has not had all they wanted of it and craves it.

Whatever the case may be, the hermit in the reversed position is a reminder to not be bothered by aloneness. It tells us to embrace solitude. Appreciate what can be accomplished without the distractions of external stimuli.

We each have within us tremendous power and talents. When we constantly try to be what others expect of us, we can easily lose track of this. However, when we are not surrounded by people who expect this or that from us, we can explore these inner realms and find these things. Once we find them, imagine how powerful we become. We become who we truly are, not who we are expected to be. With that in mind, embrace aloneness. Come into your own power. When you have your own power at your command, the right people will come into your life, for it is your true inner radiance that is attracting them, not a false projection of who you are pretending to be.

When the hermit card comes up for you in the reversed position, remind yourself of this. Find comfort in solitude, for in solitude is true, honest power.

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