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The reversed hanged man tarot card: Conventionality

The reversed hanged man- conventionality
Rider Waite

When you look at the Hanged Man tarot card as conventionally depicted, you see a man hanging upside down. In this sense, he is already reversed. We already consider him in his reversed state. How does the world look when you are hanging upside down? It looks different. You see things from angles you don’t ordinarily see in your upright position. You even see things you haven’t seen before. The world takes on a different meaning . You get an entirely new perspective on things. This is one of the meanings to consider with the Hanged Man card in its upright position- consider the situation from a different angle. What then, does it mean reversed?

If in its upright position, the Hanged Man card means to consider things in a nonconventional, altered perspective, then reversed, the Hanged Man advises us to take a conventional approach to the matter at hand. Here is a situation that is best approached in a traditional manner. Things, as you see them, are precisely as they are meant to be seen. There is no altered meaning here. Taking an off the wall approach will not yield the results you want. No. Taking a completely by the book, connecting the dots one after another approach is what needs to happen.

The reversed Hanged Man is akin to the Hierophant who is the beacon of conventional wisdom of a society. The difference being, while the Hierophant is the keeper of conventional wisdom of a group of people, holding true to what the society at large believes true, the reversed Hanged Man holds true to a personal sense of truth. He knows what is right for him a situation, which is found in his own heart and spirit. This may or may not be in line with the conventional wisdom and belief system of a society, but for him, it is absolute.

When the Hanged Man comes up for you in a reading in the reversed position, understand that the situation at hand does not require a radical and new approach. All it takes is what has worked in the past. No reason to go out on a limb and reinvent a system here. Just do what has always worked before.

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