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The reversed fool: Play it safe

The fool in reverse
Rider Waite Tarot

In its upright position, the fool indicates a fresh start and new beginning. It reminds us to be carefree and take a few chances. When the fool comes up for us in the upright position, we may interpret it as an omen to go with the flow and have faith that everything will turn out just fine, even if we do not immediately see how that can happen. But what about when it comes up for us in the reversed position?

In the reverse position, the fool may indicate stubbornness. Let’s say, you asked the cards what is keeping you from moving forward and getting the most out of a situation or out of life. In this case, the upside down fool has some clear questions for you to consider. “Are you open to the possibilities presented to you? Are you clinging too tightly to an old idea?” It could be that your stubbornness is stagnating you. Get out of the mud of rigid thinking and move forward! Don’t worry so much. Let go! Free yourself of outdated thinking. It is time for something new. Embrace it!

The reversed fool could also be a warning. It depends on the question and the circumstances. Perhaps you are considering an investment. This investment represents a sizable risk and substantial leap of faith that it will work out. You ask the cards for guidance and the reversed fool comes up. In this case, he may very well be saying, “Dude… seriously? You really think this is a good idea? Maybe you better think it through a little more.” In which case, you would be wise to truly consider if it is a good idea or not. Is every leap of faith worth the risk of taking? The reversed fool may very well be saying, “No. Not this one.”

Always follow your intuition when reading cards. Let the cards be psychic icebreakers for you, rather than providing cut and dry definite answers. Draw a card, and be it upright or upside down, listen for the answer it provides. When the fool shows up for you in the reverse position, consider if you are being too stubborn. Consider also if it is wise to pursue a particular course of action. Don’t make a bad decision and then have the fool say to you, “I told you so!” That’s never fun.

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