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The return to trail running

With warm temps forecasted all week in Denver, you might be itching to make a return to trail running.

If you haven't kept up with your trail running over the winter, it is best to start off slow instead of just diving right in.


  • Easy, shorter runs without much elevation gain (Highline Canal, Eagle Sage Loop, Doudy Draw Trail

  • Focus on breathing and technique

  • Avoid highly muddy trails for the time being

  • Remember to stretch

  • Run without music and just enjoy the scenery

  • Take days off in between

  • Stick to the middle of the trail

  • Bring towels, bags etc for your muddy gear once you reach the car

Good Early Season Runs:

  • High Line Canal

  • Eagle Sage Loop

  • Doudy Draw

  • Elk Meadow

  • Roxborough Park Medley

  • Shadow Mountain Loop

  • Mueller State Park Medley

Enjoy your journey back to the trails!


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