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The Return of Wormwood

Apparently the Wormwood reading (which has tended to feature dark themed poetry) has a new location. It was held on Tuesday, August 5 at the Elbo Room. One of the co-hosts Will Superior told me that the reading might become either a bi-weekly or monthly series if there it is successful enough.

I saw a few familiar faces there and many new readers I never encountered. Most of the readers tended to be high intensity. Here’s info on some of the people that showed up

GPA (short for Greatest Poet Alive) is a highly energetic poet who does a regular show at an Andersonville venue called Let them Eat Chocolate at 5306 N. Damen. The next show is this Friday at 7 and more info is available at

Robin Fine is a former and probably future member of the Beast Women performance group (it includes poets, singers, dancers, and performance artists of every stripe). Fine will host a big poetry gala in the Fine Arts Building in December. I will release more details once they become available.

Fine is also one of the many performers that will be in a big music/poetry show titled the Omniphonic poetry music fusion fest at this year’s BuckTown Arts Fair on August 23 from 5 to 7. Performers will include Primo Fine, Billy Tuggle, The Charlie Rossiter Experience, The Goods and The incredible Bob and Andy Bob Lawrence, and of course the founders of the feast...Omniphonic

Jason No Ah was once a regular at the exit readings and now he often shows up to Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing at Phyllis’s Musical In at 1800 W Division (the next one is on Wednesday, August 13 at 10 pm) . He will also be a feature at my show at the Art Colony (at 2830 W. Fletcher) on Saturday, August 9 from 5 to 7.

Jason will also be performing at the Queer Fest on Friday, August 15 at 8 pm at the Mutiny at 2428 N. Western. Besides Jason and host Lair Scott features will include Casey L Grooten, Jackass Magnets, Ziggy 2000 with Stardust the David Bowie Tribute Band, Big Sur, and DoubleSpeak for this benefit toward QFA. Donations of office supplies, used printers/laptops and used stage equipment are greatly needed.

Robin introduced me to Rod Hendler who contributes to a local poetry podcast tiled Poet at the End of the World. You can hear some of his many impressive podcasts by using the links at!/poetsend.

Peter Propaganda often hosts techno, industrial and dark wave dance parties around the city including the Double Door (he was recently in a Dr. Who themed show there.) Peter is co-hosting a show at Cobra Lounge on Tuesday, August 19 at 8:00pm at 235 N Ashland Ave. It’s called Grendel // Ludovico Technique .

The poet/actor, Gentleman Soul, did an excellent job as a feature at Let Them Eat Chocolate; He heated up the audience with a rather erotic poem. An illuminating bio on him can be found at

Speaking of erotic, there was a seductive burlesque dancer I'm not sure if that's redundant) who performed that evening named Cynthia Cat. She often appears at the Thursday night shows at Drop (at 1909 N Lincoln Ave.) She is currently in a show at the Gorilla Tango Theatre which is a parody of Batman. For more info go to

** I knew the name Wormwood was familiar, but I originally thought it was originally a demon’s name. I think that I thought that because of the demonic nephew character in C. S Lewis's masterful classic, The Screwtape Letters.

It turns out that Wormwood is an angel/star in the Book of Revelation associated with the apocalypse.

The following passage pertains to him.
"The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." (Rev 8:10–11)

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