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The return of pro hockey to New Mexico



  • Greg 6 years ago

    I think you have "hit the nail on the head", with the assessment. As a Scorpions season-ticket holder from the time they moved to Rio Rancho, the drive to the area was at times, difficult....but that was because of the city governments' (Albuquerque and Rio Rancho's) lack of road care, especially snow removal. However, living on the west side of ABQ, we always made it to games. As for those who say "it's too far to drive"...a more feigned rationale could not be given...especially when one looks at the attendences for the Thunderbirds games, any UNM event, or cage fighting event held at that arena. The fans have no problem flocking out that far for those events. I believe you have also it right...its the need to build a more educated and larger fan base, providing more recognition for hockey in the community.

  • Steven 6 years ago were never a problem. Once the Mayors (Albuquerque & Rio Rancho) got involved, things went downhill. Politics & sports don't mix. R.I.P. Scorps.

  • Paul 6 years ago

    The real reason why Hockey lacked the staying power at Santa Ana Star Center is the deafening noise levels of the music and announcers during a game. I am an avid fan of hockey (from Chicago) and felt that the Scorpions played very well and were fun to watch. I only went to 1 game because it was insanely loud.

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