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And just who might be the world's biggest "Pacturd"?
And just who might be the world's biggest "Pacturd"?
John Gatling

Nananananananana… Nananananananana… Nananananananana

“PACTURRRRRRRRRD!” [nananananana] “PACTURRRRRRRRD!” [nananananana]


C'mon folks- we know you know the music [click here]. Just get rid of “Batman”, replace it with “Pacturd” and start singing your ass off.

Fun yeah?

So, just who is this superhero referred to as PACTURD?

It was revealed by a rather over-zealous reader that it was in fact yours truly, who is indeed the notorious Pacturd. Let me help you out because here's how he put it. Understand that this individual is a fight writer and in his 30’s. God Bless Him.

“There’s pacturds and then there’s YOU. YOU ARE PACTURD!!!!”



Floyd Mayweather touched down in South Africa today. As he sat at the podium next to the Sports and Recreation Minister of South Africa, in what felt like one of the most contrived press conferences in history, he had a look of disease.

By definition, “disease” is a lack of ease, and he didn’t appear to have any of it. From the scripted welcome full of ham given him, to his own mishandling and stand-offish war with the South African press, he hardly seemed a world ambassador or diplomatic representative of the sport [view the press conference here].

It was embarrassing.

So enamored was he with Manny Pacquiao, that he misunderstood a question that didn't even involve Pacquiao at all. So flustered was Floyd, that he didn’t even remember who he had last fought in September 2013 because he was so pre-occupied with Pacquiao.

Right away, Floyd got defensive and revealed insecurity, going offensively rhetorical with a particular media that really had no regard for him.

They pounded him about his showings against southpaws, a bout with Bernard Hopkins, "GGG", and of course Pacquiao.

His words, his demeanor, his voice, and his body language is all remarkably consistent anytime the subject of Pacquiao is broached. It negatively permeates his soul before any questions about him are asked, and it lingers well after the questions are gone.

To wit.

Pacturd: (according to Tazipedia) The ultimate obsessive and compulsive follower of Manny Pacquiao. One who loves and fears him more than any other being on the planet, and will do anything to avoid him at all costs. He will resort to vile and lascivious tactics, subversion, or lewd, racist, or child-like behavior to demonstrate this love or fear. He is a gutless turd. Thus, Pacturd.

Manny Pacquiao has been invited to the White House as an eight division world champion congressman, global ambassador, true icon, and as a fighter who is loved the world over.

His impact is positively resounding and palpable among billions, because of his genuine humanitarian and altruistic interest in wanting to improve lives and inspire.

He’s always graceful and cordial in response to any of Floyd’s attempts to diminish him, and demonstrated his dominance of Floyd’s mind by either ignoring him entirely, successfully suing him, or by coming to America and simply challenging him to fight.

He doesn't go into the same bullsh*t or long-winded excuses, Twitter games, or racist videos (re-visit his low class ways here). By the way, we're all waiting for you to do what you said you would in that video a few years ago, or just exactly what you meant when you said “THIS” Floyd.

We're waiting.

“You may not control all of the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

Maya Angelou

I challenge you to find anything negative Manny Pacquiao has ever said about Floyd Mayweather other than he’s scared of him.

We all know Manny made that hilariously terrible B- movie “Wapakman” (C’mon Manny lol), but it was actually quite successful. You know you're brave when you can play your own superhero for the world to see and you can’t act, or sing in front of the whole world and you can’t sing (C'mon Manny lol).

But that’s love, something Floyd wouldn't know because he’s full of hate and it shows.

Where you going next Floyd, Antarctica? We'd love to see you tweet from there.


I’ll go to the spirit of one of the journalists in South Africa, who chastised and all but branded Floyd as an overrated and self-centered narcissist.

Since he sees himself as a superhero from Jupiter, I wonder what he would call himself.

The Dynamic “0-No!”?

The Caped Evader?

I must tell you in all seriousness, I am not a fan of the use of terms like "Flomo". Its wrong. As are many other things that some would call Floyd Mayweather. Its not right, and disrespectful to a particular group of people. I am not a racist, and I believe in treating people with fairness and justice. Regardless as to how I or anyone else may feel about how he's done it, he's been a fine champion and is a great fighter.


He does deserve the term "Fraud" and he needs to be unmasked for who he really is.

Floyd Mayweather is… PACTURD. (Feel free to flush whenever you like)