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The return of Motion City Soundtrack: album review


My Dinosaur Life, album cover.

As the over abundance of pop/punk bands grew at a phenomenal rate, the genre, many felt, had died. Indeed, many of the untalented, all-too-similar bands were enough to lose all hope in the genre, but pop/punk is not dead.

The revival of this genre is gaining momentum and thanks to Motion City Soundtrack it is almost in full swing again.

The guys of Motion City made a splash in the scene with 2003's I Am Movie. While the album was not groundbreaking, the catchy lyrics and poppy sound proved the band had some serious potential.

However, it was not until their sophomore effort, Commit This to Memory that Motion City got the recognition they deserved.

Yet, just when they were really perfecting their sound, they released their third album, Even if it Kills Me, which tended to disappoint most fans. This is not to say that Even if it Kills Me was a terrible album, it just had lacked the power of their previous albums.

After a three year break, Motion City Soundtrack returned with My Dinosaur Life. Needless to say the boys created a near perfect blend of pop/punk. This is what the fans of the genre and band have been waiting for since their first two releases. Catchy melodies and intelligent, sometimes humorous lyrics are found in almost every song. Not to mention Justin Pierre’s vocals are at their finest.

There are few bands that can create witty lyrics and yet, make each song unforgettably catchy. While this album tends to be "poppy" it is more of the Motion City fans grew to love.

Motion City Soundtrack is one of those bands that truly shine above the rest. While they may make occasionally side steps in albums, it is all part of the creative process.

Pop/punk and Motion City Soundtrack fans rejoice; this is the album you have been waiting for.

Recently MCS played at the Crocodile Rock Café and in September performed at DeSales University.

Standout Tracks: Her Words Destroyed My Planet, A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help), Pulp Fiction, Skin and Bones, Stand Too Close.

For more info: Motion City Soundtrack MySpace.


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