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The return of Manny Pacquiao

The last time we all saw Manny Pacquiao was when he squared off against his nemesis, Juan Manuel Marquez. As we all know, Manny was knocked out cold that day. Thankfully, he is OK, and has resumed to his normal life. Since that day Manny has remained a very busy man. He of course continues with his duties as a congressman in the Philippines, and now his wife enters the political fold as well.

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Bob Arum recently announced that Pacquiao will once again enter the ring. This time Vs. the come forward hard hitting Brandon Rios. So how do I see this fight? I see it as a bad day for Brandon Rios. Not a bad day financially, but it could be bad for him physically. In my opinion, Pacquiao despite his last loss is still an extremely dangerous fighter. Rios is a good kid, a hard worker, and a tough hombre, but he will have fits dealing with Pacquiao's speed and power.

Pacquiao was winning the fight Vs. Marquez up until he got caught. In fact, he looked pretty good up until the big punch. He showed speed, and he moved well. I didn't see many signs of age. Yes, he got nailed by Marquez, but that can happen to any fighter at any time. It's those punches that a fighter doesn't see that are the most dangerous ones. Pacquiao simply didn't see the Marquez punch that ended the night.

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Pacquiao will still have to work hard and have a strong camp. Rios is slower, but he's no push over. Rios is going to show up ready to fight. He's not scared or intimidated by anyone. Pacquiao can't underestimate Rios, he just can't. That would be a big mistake. That said, if Manny puts in the work, and focuses, he should win this fight.

Pacman will be fighting in China. I can't say that I blame him. He won't get raped by taxes in China. Who wants to give half of their purse to the government? This isn't good news for the American fans that want to see him fight live, but Bob Arum mentioned to me last month that there's a good chance that the fight won't be a Pay Per View, it will be free HBO. The high rolling Chinese gamblers, minus no taxes being taken out of the purses equals free HBO for the fans? According to Arum, it's very possible.

It will be good to see Pacquiao in the ring again. Boxing needs him, his fans need him, and heck, he's just fun to watch.

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