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'The Retargeting Playbook' book review by Gloria Buono-Daly

'The Retargeting Playbook' Book cover for Examiner article book review by Gloria Buono-Daly

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Although more and more consumers purchase online, the statistic of 3% website conversion rates have remained constant virtually all over the internet over the past 8 years.

The internet population worldwide has more than doubled in the past 8 years (2005 – 2013 -- 1.04 billion to 2.79 billion) and 77% of that growth comes from users in the developed world (Source: International Telecommunications Union).


There are many reasons why visitors quickly navigate away from websites: Be it annoying sounds, distracting pop-ups and interstitial ads, to bad navigation, too many clicks, poor grammar, typos and overall horrific design quality. reports that “94-97% of website visitors leave a website within two minutes and completely forget about it once they leave.”

Accordingly, digital marketers need retargeting and this is why retargeting has acquired phenomenal momentum in such a short time. However, I highly recommend any website issues be corrected before implementing a retargeting campaign. You wouldn't want to remind one-time visitors why they've left your site in the first place, would you?

"The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers," authors and industry “insighters” Adam Berke, Greg Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello explain the importance of retargeting and how if implemented effectively, can increase conversions and sales.

The authors’ findings are from their decades of experiences and from their expert deep analyses of thousands of retargeting campaigns and case studies. They share a wealth of helpful tips and expertise throughout.


Without getting too technical, retargeting works by tracking the 97% of website visitors who leave without converting and then redisplays tailored “retargeting ads” as they visit other online sites (anonymous cookie visitors with a tracking tag ring a bell?).


“At the moment (long after the proposal) the ads I’m currently being targeting with seem to be a little more accurate. Particularly on Facebook, where I’m no longer treated to engagement ring ads. I’m now privy to ads about hiring suits, booking wedding venues and going on honeymoon..." ~~ Christopher Ratcliff , on his retargeting experience, eConsultancy blog titled What is retargeting and why do you need it? Christopher's primary interests include social media, online video, digital music, content marketing, Stanley Kubrick, LEGO and being rubbish at karaoke. In his spare time he runs his own music website called

The reason why retargeting is so effective is that it keeps your brand at the forefront of all those 97% or so that left your website during their initial visit. Retargeting ads bring about brand recognition even though they left your site. Retargeting does all the work and in best practice.

With the right skills and implementation, retargeting has the potential to increase impressions, sales and conversions for all digital marketing channels. There are various retargeting platforms to choose from.

Retargeting saves tremendous amounts of campaign dollars and provides digital marketers with unlimited autonomy. Retargeting also works with many leading ad networks including AdX, Facebook, Google Display Network, etc.


Retargeting is the latest technology for strategizing and is growing at a phenomenal rate. Retargeting has quickly become the best platform for connecting lost website visitors as they visit other websites According to a recent article by Convince & Convert, “20 percent of marketers now have a dedicated retargeting budget.” Retargeting has room for all size budgets and various options for controlling your budget spending.

“The Retargeting Playbook" teaches the ins and outs of everything you will need to know from early preparation, research, as well as how to set up a campaign initially, monitor, budget, gage, analyze results, etc.

“The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers," by Adam Berke, Greg Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello is a must-read for all media buyers, digital agencies, in-house marketing managers, ecommerce managers and comes highly recommended. Gloria Buono-Daly smile rating, 5 smiles up  ))))).

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5 Smiles Up ))))) (c) 2013

If you need to integrate marketing campaigns and want to connect with the 97% or so visitors who've left your site without purchasing or subscribing,you need to read The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers by Adam Berke, Greg Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello. The book is on sale at bookstores everywhere. (photo right courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos)

For additional information about "The Retargeting Playbook" including author bios and photos visit the AllThingsDigitalMarketing blog (at


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