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The resurrection demonstrates all religion is not the same

The resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity.
The resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity.

One of the most worn out clichés is the comment “all religion is the same”. The statement alone is evidence that the person making the comment knows next to nothing about what separates one religion from another.

Resurrection Sunday makes Christianity distinct from all other religions by the empty tomb and what it represents.

It proves Jesus arose exactly as scripture and Christ prophesied.

It proves Jesus has dominion over death.

It proves God Himself accepted Jesus’ sacrifice.

It proves the sin debt was fully paid.

It closed the gates of hell and opened the gates of heaven.

It proves Jesus’ claim to deity.

It proves Jesus is the last Adam.

It proves Jesus is the first born of all Creation.

It proves Jesus led captivity captive.

It proves Jesus has the keys of death, hell, and the grave.

It proves Jesus is the Son of God.

There is a reason the early world split time by His birth and distinguishes His death and resurrection.

One moment His disciples are scared out of their minds and hiding, the next moment all are willing to go to their deaths. Something extremely significant happened that had an impact on their resolve and character.

Some the most silly excuses given by those hating the truth include, there was no such thing as Jesus, Jesus did not really die (swoon theory), the followers of Jesus went to the wrong tomb, and the most inane reason is the disciples stole the body of Jesus after paying off the Roman soldiers with claims they were asleep.

Those declaring Jesus never existed are refuted by Josephus the Jewish historian who has no benefit in making his historical references to Jesus. Other historians validate the existence of Jesus.

Jesus died all right because the Romans were masters and technicians to pain, torture, and death. The beating endured by Christ was enough to extinguish His life due to loss of blood. Christ was beaten as He dragged the cross down the Via Delarosa and finally nailed to a cross hanging there in agony for six hours. A Roman spear punctured His chest as water and blood pour forth indicating to the Romans that Christ was dead all right. They have seen the accumulation of blood and fluid before.

The wrong tomb theory is beyond ridiculous. Jesus’ mother Mary knew where her Son Jesus was buried as did Pontius Pilot, the Jewish Authority, and the Roman guard. Imagine the elite Roman guard securing the wrong tomb.

Anyone with a lick of common sense would howl with laughter at the claim the disciples stole the body of Jesus under the nose of the cohort of Roman Guard probably amounting to 50-80 soldiers. First, the disciples were too scared to do anything or were hiding from the Jews and the Romans. And second if the disciples stole the body, why would they all willingly die for a lie? *Fail*

Sleeping on duty was punishable by torture and death. Imagine all of those Roman soldiers willing to die for a person they probably despised in executing during the crucifixion. *Fail*

There were over 500 witnesses according to Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth that spoke and saw Jesus after His resurrection, direct eye witness accounts that would hold up in any court of law in America.

The conversion of Paul, genuine hater and persecutor of Christians, meeting a resurrected Jesus on the way to Damascus to cause misery to the Christian located there. This self-described Pharisee of all Pharisee would never change his mind unless an extraordinary event changed his thinking. The Christians were puzzled themselves at “Saul’s” converting to Christianity. It was an extraordinary work of Jesus to change the heart of Paul.

There are millions of documented events that people have been made over comers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony as stated by John in Revelation.

The resurrection is one of the most defining moments in human history.

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