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The Rescue Princesses save all animals in danger!

Who do you turn to when you know an animal needs rescuing?

If your new year’s resolution was to help more, but you are not sure where to start, consider taking a cue from The Rescue Princesses, Rosalind, Lottie, Amina, and Isabella. These four gals are no ordinary princesses. If there is an animal in danger, they’ll be there to plan and perform a daring rescue.

In “The Rescue Princesses: The Silver Locket” by Paula Harrison, Rosalind and the others are helping to clean up the kingdom of Taldonia to help Mr. Periwinkle, the famous cookie-factory owner and the host of the Autumn Ball, get ready. Of course, Rosalind is also looking for something special, and she has a silver locket with a small key inside to help her with this mystery.

Before they can get started on this new adventure, they spot Patch, Mr. Periwinkle’s new puppy. Patch is truly the cutest puppy ever, but just as the girls get started playing with him, there is a misunderstanding. It’s only when the girls are all together and have made up do they run across two men who have stolen jewels from one of the rooms. In fact, Rosalind recognizes her mother’s beautiful amber necklace, and she is determined to get it back.

With all these hijinks going on, Patch tries to scare away the two men, but gets dognapped in the process. Now what are the girls going to do? Well, they are Rescue Princesses, and it’s their sworn duty to protect all the animals that need protecting.

They spring into action, using tricks from their newly found book, and they go to tell the grownups about the men and their hideout. In no time, Mr. Periwinkle has called the police, and the thieves are caught. The stolen jewelry is returned, as well as Patch. More on their secret discovery is revealed when they share it with Mr. Periwinkle.

After all that excitement, it really is time to get ready and go to the Autumn Ball. Patch is safe. The jewelry has been returned. The thieves go off with the policeman. Whew! All in a day’s work for these Rescue Princesses.

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