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The Republicans have a blueprint for success to win over minority voters

Last night on the Wayne Dupree show, his guest, Regina V. Ross Roundtree, a black republican community activist from Connecticut, brought up several great points. Every two to four years , around election time, democrat politicians point to dilapidated urban areas, and tell the occupants, it is because of the GOP and conservatives, that their communities are in such anarchy.

Regina V. Ross Roundtree conn republican community activist.
Regina V. Ross Roundtree

Unemployment numbers in urban areas, are the highest in the nation. Democratic leaders in those communities, love to point out that the citizens who live there, have been suffering for years, but they fail to point out, that they are the ones who have been in charge during that time.

Minorities and the poor are targets of these radical shysters, because over the years, they continually vote them in office and in return the democrats reward them with entitlements, but do nothing to improve their lives. When conservatives try to introduce capitalism and freedom of choice, liberals rush in and accuse them of racism, sexism or bigotry. Anything to protect their pawns from hearing that there's other alternatives.

Liberals continuously calumniate the GOP by saying; the conservative party want to, "keep you in chains" and the GOP are the ones that put you in those chains. Year after year, most minorities, and the poor, fall for their ruse and vote them back into office, and year after year, their standards of living decreases.

An example of this is Detroit, around 8 mile, a street made famous by rap artist Eminem. Some of the urban areas look like a road in Fallujah. Democratic politicians have been entrenched there for decades, and while their constituents are forfeiting their valuables to local pawn shops to survive, the greedy politicians smile and make empty promises. Recently Detroit filed for bankruptcy, while under control of the democratic party.

Mrs Roundtree, believes you have to take the fight straight to the front lines. Her organization is attempting to open the eyes of the blind democratic followers, by telling them to hold the politicians who have presided over them for decades, accountable for their inactions.

They are appealing to community organizers and leaders, explaining to them, that there is another option. No longer do urban areas have to suffer at the hands of an inept and corrupt party. Now it's the GOPs turn to calm the raging seas.

Mrs Roundtree and her organization hold the blueprint for the GOP to follow. The question is, will they?

If you would like to learn more about Mrs. Roundtree and her organization, you can visit her website at You can listen to the Wayne Dupree show on or

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