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The ReMix Awards Honors closed out with a hip hop bang and many more shockers

The many performers, honorees, hosts and guests sticked around to wrap it up in style! it up
The many performers, honorees, hosts and guests sticked around to wrap it up in style! it up
Kerry White

All I can say is that this article is truly not about me, but it is a part of me and my contributions to the Independent success of hip hop, nightlife and marketing in St. Louis. It was a nice late summer evening with the heat taking us all in, at Pure Ultra Lounge.

ReMix also featured a live broadcast with 1380 AM X Treme talk radio, but there was some issue with the wi-fi connection, which did not let the show go interrupted. However, The Newsletter 8th semi-annual awards show: ReMix Honors, ended with what most would have called it a shocker.

A shocker on my part, because as I ordered my hosts, dj and all the massive left- over guests to hurry out of the club, to trek to the after-party. I was asked to come to the stage, for one last award.

I am already 'dressed down' due to remembering the late Michael Brown, I was not prepared to be having my picture taken, or taking a photo with my new beautiful plaque (crystal/blue), presented to me by ReMix co-host/honoree Yvette Hicks.

I would like to thank ReMix music director DJ Mase, for a wonderful job, and the talented performers; starting with Ebony Love, who did a soul stirring A cappella of Etta James' "At Last", and the crowd went wild; R& B artist, Alli, came later and completed the musical tribute to honoree Sheneatha Frison, who was not available, Hip Hop Ambassador teen winner Milato, Hip Hop Ambassador winner JB, Female Rapper of the Year/East St. Louis, T-Baby, nominee and talent presentation winner Rip James, Michael Brown's tribute performer Sunnyboi with "No Justice, No Peace, co-host A-Star did three sets, including my favorite "Party Like A Star", my out of town Ent. group of the State winners, Obesity Entertainment, my clients Chi Lou Entertainment, and Da Joker, all completed the great performance list at ReMix.

There were a handful of honorees that did not make it to Pure Ultra Lounge to receive their awards, will be notified by mail. Far as Pure Ultra Lounge in St. Louis, I would like to thank the staff and security (including Kenneth Farwell), for having us.I also want to mention nominee Dewayne Thre3D Hagens, who did not get to perform, due to the radio broadcast, but we got him next event.

Special thanks to my sponsors: Joe Man's Bar & Grill, Chameleon Fab Boutique, Midtown Sports Bar & Grill, Yvette Hicks, Chi-Lounge ENT., MGE., The Newsletter and Hip Hop H20. My VIP's: T-Baby of ESTL, Chi-Lou Ent., 1380 AM X Treme talk radio, Hang 10: Delilah Conswalo and London Davis, and Midtown Bar & Grill.

The ReMix Honors. will return back to it normal season in October, of 2015, so get ready for another exciting show.

Thanks!!Much Love!!Rodney M Norman

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