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The Release Therapy Tour and The Underground

Release Therapy Concert
Release Therapy Concert
Cooley Kimble, Express, Shostoppa, Bigg Fatts

When an important cause converges with some of the dopest rappers doing it you will see Hip Hop in it’s highest form. As a youngster, Hip Hop was used as a means to bring light to how we were living as a people and as a tool to bring change. As time passed, most artists have strayed away from that. But now we have artists like Express, Cooley Kimble, Shostoppa, and Bigg Fatts bringing awareness to a topic that is very taboo not only in our community but in our nation as a whole – suicide. Some of the statistics of suicide may surprise you. It has become a serious cause that people need to pay more attention to.


noun: the Underground
1. 1.
a group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime. "I got involved with the French underground"

While music is falsely perceived as a form of entertainment, in reality it is the largest learning tool available to the human population and in the future it will serve as a biography of our generation so in order to effectively spread our message we have attached an audio file containing ideals from the prominent members of The Underground: Cooley Kimble, Express, Bigg Fatts and Sho Stoppa. The premise of this song is simple: “The Underground…all above must get shot.”

The first order of importance is to drastically reduce the number of suicides affecting our youth attending educational institutions across America via “The Release Therapy Tour”. Our first college, Texas Southern University allowed us to speak with over 200 students and share the importance of speaking out against depression and using art –including the rawest form of expression RAP- as a form of therapy. To accomplish this mission we have partnered with the Ashley Jadine Foundation ( and have been approved to repeat this success at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM. For those supporters of The Underground who are available to come this event, your attendance would be appreciated. Additional colleges will be announced as dates approach.


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