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The Reinvention of Grape Nuts Cereal

Post Grape Nuts for your good health !!
john dertinger

March is National Nutrition Month, and for many people their eating habits may be in need of a check up. The hurried, and always on the run, among us need to be at the front of the line. In a recent national survey by the good folks at Grape-Nuts, more than 70% of Americans feel their weekly meal plan needs a makeover, and a whopping 86% of Americans admit they replace meals with snacks during a typical week. Grape-Nuts, the classic crunchy whole grain, and fiber-filled cereal, is hoping to be part of a new game plan and the beginning of that reinvented breakfast regimen.

The cereal itself has a very crunchy toasted flavor. It's not sweet, with only 5 grams of sugar, but is packed with 8 grams of protein to provide the energy to start the day. With added fruit, like blueberries or a banana, it can be habit forming.

For easy, on the go breakfasts, there are new Grape-Nuts recipes that integrate hearty whole grains into portable, delicious options. Try Grape-Nuts Overnight Apple Pie Breakfast Pudding for a morning protein boost, and Grape-Nuts Energy Bars for hearty helpings of whole grains and fruits. Visit the web site: for more details and specific recipe directions.

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