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'The Redemption of Henry Myers' airs on Hallmark Movie Channel

Drew Waters in The Redemption of Henry Myers on Hallmark Movie Channel
Drew Waters in The Redemption of Henry Myers on Hallmark Movie Channel
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"The Redemption of Henry Myers," a Hallmark Channel Original World Premiere, debuted on Sunday, March 23, 2014. The love story stars Drew Waters and Erin Bethea. A hard-living outlaw finds a chance for redemption when a loving Christian family comes into his life in “The Redemption of Henry Myers."

Drew Waters (“Friday Night Lights”) and Erin Bethea (“Fireproof”) star with Jaden Roberts (“Brother’s Keeper”), Ezra Proch (“Seven Days in Utopia”), Beau Smith (“Deep in the Heart”) and Rio Alexander (“The Last Stand”) in this prairie love story from Executive Producer Rick Santorum.

Henry Myers (Waters) is living a hard life, surviving on the frontier any way he can even if it means robbing a bank. Henry and his partners-in-crime, Clay (Smith) and Mac (Alexander), are in the process of robbing a bank when gunfire starts. Sheriff Tom hears (Luce Rains) the gunfire and runs into the bank. Henry grabs a bag of money and takes refuge in a church, where he hides the stolen money under a floorboard.

The pastor walks in and Henry accidentally shoots him. As the pastor dies, he gives Henry his Bible and says, “You can change.” Henry scurries out of the church, jumps on a horse and rides off into the prairie.

A year later, Henry is tracked down by Clay and Mac, who want their money from the bank heist. Henry tries to trick them but ends up being shot. Weak and injured, Henry falls off his horse, and lays dying.

Marilyn (Erin Bethea), a God-fearing widow, finds Henry and along with her children, Will (Proch), and Laura (Roberts), takes him into their home so they can nurse him back to health. Henry is not accustomed to people taking care of him, but in his weakened state, he has no choice but to accept their help.

Under Marilyn's care, Henry begins to question the choices he has made. He wonders is he can turn his life around, but his past is about to catch up with him.

Mac and Clay are still hunting Henry down, and the law is hunting for all three of the outlaws. Henry comes to realize that the pastor that he shot down is Marilyn's late husband and that Sheriff Tom is the pastor's father.

Is it too late for redemption for Henry Myers?

The cast of "The Redemption of Henry Myers" includes: Drew Waters (Henry Myers), Erin Bethea (Marilyn), Jaden Roberts (Laura), Ezra Proch (Will), Beau Smith (Clay), Rio Alexander (Mac), Luce Rains (Sherriff Tom) and Dylan Kenin (Bob).

“The Redemption of Henry Myers” is a Clayton Miller Film: TROHM Production. Rick Santorum is the executive producer. Chad Gunderson is the producer. Clayton Miller directed from a script he wrote with Chris Vanderkaay and Charlie Shahnaian.

“The Redemption of Henry Myers” received a 5 out of 5 Dove Seal of Approval 12+ by The Dove Foundation. “This is a terrific movie with a twist, great action, and the theme of redemption!” said The Dove Foundation

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