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The Red Lion Inn, a Berkshire gem

The Berkshires the lions den
The Berkshires the lions den
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Financial wizard, writer, photographer and experienced world traveler, Michael Armijo says, “The Berkshires are wonderful and I wish I could go back there as I haven’t been in a few years but I love it there and I really, truly adore Stockbridge and Great Barrington.” Michael Armijo is a very creative man and his photography around New York and California and worldwide is exceptional.

The Red Lion Inn
jodi emmer

Some of the greatest attractions, stores and restaurants are quaintly designed and very accessible to anyone who stays here for a little while. There is of course the jewel in the crown of all the land, The Red Lion Inn which most of Stockbridge more or less situates itself around. From what was gathered by the staff in The Lion’s Den, most of Stockbridge is actually a very expensive mental institution.

Called The Austin Riggs Center, this quaint little town serves as a home for the small, not-for-profit psychotherapeutic treatment center for more than ninety years and specializes in treating the “treatment resistant” patients so truly Stockbridge is the home of the rebellious misfits. This makes a lot of sense when you take a look at The Norman Rockwell paintings and his artistic talents of the years and its history rooted in this artistic and well-designed community of artistic rebels and passive artists who give the town its dramatic flair.

Brian Alberg is the Executive Chef at The Red Lion Inn and he has developed an impeccable reputation for pure excellence in his culinary talents and professionalism that he exudes in his element at The Red Lion Inn. The guests, the staff and many local residents all rave about his food and creative talents in the kitchen.

Born and raised in Copake, New York, Chef Alberg began from humble beginnings and worked his way up to one of the most significant and finest dining establishments in The Berkshires. He is away at workshops and wine tastings and exquisite food seminars most midweeks and it is almost impossible to get fifteen minutes of his time to dedicate to an interview for any publication.

He was recently written up by The Boston Globe in a glowing review about what a wonderful chef he is. He is extremely dedicated and committed to organizations such as The Railroad Street Youth in which he actively participates as a board member. They help the area Berkshire youth to get involved in community leadership and volunteering along with learning skills for their future careers.

His staff always says wonderful things about Chef Alberg, how easy he is to work for and how he gets along with the entire staff at The Red Lion Inn. He is not the type of Chef to throw a tantrum. Stockbridge and the surrounding areas could not be more proud of his dedication to his position at The Red Lion Inn. Several residents were thrilled by the level of food service they had received and many of them raved about the quality of the food. They all had plans to return to the Inn several times in the future and not one guest ever complained about the food or their stay at The Red Lion Inn.

Check the website for menus and future accommodations available this summer at The Red Lion Inn. You will never be disappointed from your stay in The Berkshires and surrounding town hospitality.