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The recession renovation project

The Recession Renovation Project.
The Recession Renovation Project.

A recession is the best time to focus on you. For so long, so many people have taken the first job out of college and before they knew it – ten years pass! Or maybe it was that job with the great salary, or the ideal location – whatever the reason, there was a real reason why you accepted that job.

A recession is actually an opportunity that creates new jobs and eliminates outdated positions. In order to move into the future you need to work on the two biggest things consolidation and renovation. If the recession is doing that, so why can’t we?


The recession offers the time to help you consolidate! It forces us to analyze our spending, to do some soul searching and find out what is truly important to us. (You have to remember that in a recession you are starting from scratch all over again, maybe you haven’t been on an interview in years or know what the modern resume should look like – take things in small steps but stay positive starting fresh is so much easier!)

The recession makes us see what we can’t live without and what we can say “We don’t truly need.”

Consolidation tip: Take five minutes and consolidate your best memories. Those memories you love from past jobs even those internships or college jobs. If you could put all those great memories together it actually equates into the personalized job experience of what you are really looking for.


After your consolidation, it’s time to renovate! Which means you, I am sure you have a whole new outlook on life once you experienced being laid-off whether you knew it was coming or had no clue it doesn’t matter anymore – so let it go! It’s definitely easier said than done and we all have a hard time letting go the pain of knowing what it felt like to be laid-off. But remember it only hurt your self-esteem not your career path.

Keep the renovation simple, being laid-off is a chance to start fresh and take risks sometimes we all need a kick-start to a new career even to those you may have never considered before.

Sometimes finding the best job isn’t always the one you looked for in the first place.


  • Divas 5 years ago

    I agree. Now is the time to focus on rebuilding your skills
    and set yourself apart from the competition. Wether it entails continuing your
    education or self educating to sharpen your skills.