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The reason why Hillary has to be the first female president

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There are backward hillbillies all over the U.S. who won't vote for a woman unless she has a firmly established brand name, and Hillary's got it. Also her husband is very popular.

With that said, her opponents will remind everyone that Bill got impeached. Also, if he has another extramarital affair that goes public (especially while Hillary is president) and she doesn't divorce him then everyone will view her as a pushover who lacks the courage to be a good commander in chief in a world that's blowing up.

My fear is that she'll give her daughter Chelsea a high wage job in senior management. Chelsea is an overly sheltered princess and a perpetual student, and now that she's married and pregnant she's about to become a rich housewife. If Hillary gives Chelsea a management job in the White House then I'll scream and she'll hear it in every major city across America. I can tolerate cronyism and nepotism to some extent if the beneficiary is qualified for the position, but Chelsea is a princess, and because of the way that she was raised she'll probably still be like that when she's fifty.

If the first female president falls flat on her face then it will be almost impossible to get another woman elected for a very long time. Hillary was in D.C. for so long that everyone already knows what her strengths and weaknesses are, and her husband and staff know it, too, and so they'll hire reinforcements. In other words, voters who are still angry because of Benghazi will be assured that it will never happen again, and those who know that she copied other senators' votes while she was in the senate will be assured that that will never happen again. To some extent she needs a babysitter but we all do every once in a while. She'll be fine as president if she has the right senior managers in place, and also if she can prevent her husband and daughter from diverting the media's attention.


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