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The real winner in the Michael Sam story...

Michael Sam attends the St. Louis Rams rookie press conference
Michael Sam attends the St. Louis Rams rookie press conference
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It was the kiss heard ‘round the world…Michael Sam chose to celebrate his selection to the St. Louis Rams with a kiss. A kiss with his boyfriend, that is. In case you haven’t heard, 2014 NFL draft pick Michael Sam is gay. Of course you know Michael Sam is gay! Most people following the story don’t even know what school Sam played his college career. Nor does it matter, all the American public apparently needs to know is that Michael Sam is a gay black man.

Once “Johnny Football” went to the Cleveland Browns, coverage of the 2014 NFL Draft which shifted its focus to Sam. Why Michael Sam? Clearly it wasn’t because he was the 2014 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Co-Defensive Player of the Year. It’s because the media wants America talking about Michael Sam.

In the meantime, Flight MH370 still has yet to be remotely located, the Boko Haram terror group still had kidnapped schoolgirls in their possession and Donald Sterling was still owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Those stories took a backseat yet again to the Michael Sam story. In all fairness to Sam, he deserves the privilege to play professional football and earn a living like everyone else in the NFL.

And the winner is…
Clearly the winner here is the media! Once again, the homosexual agenda is a hot topic! Think about it, when do you normally talk about things like homosexuality? In most cases, not until you see or hear a story in the ‘news’. Even with the conversation and occasional arguments, salvation is seldom a part of the heated tifts.

Friendships are ruined, and even churches have to work to fight back the agenda’s encroachment on the American public. In Dallas, Texas on “The Broadcast” the conversation got so heated that one of the hosts walked off the set during the taping. The station had this comment in regards to the show and hosts:

…On Tuesday, May 13, that topic happened to be Michael Sam’s draft day kiss and the controversy it was generating. The debate between our four hosts that day got unusually heated and ended with one host – Amy Kushnir – leaving the set. Ms. Kushnir’s action was a signal of frustration on her part, as she felt she was unable to express her own views correctly.

While KTXD-TV neither supports nor condemns opinions shared by our hosts, we stand behind both “The Broadcast” and Ms. Kushnir. We wholeheartedly stand behind our hosts right to voice their opinions as an integral part of our program. We have clearly ruffled feathers, and in doing so we hope we have advanced the dialogue on this important issue.

Almost not surprisingly, Sam's boyfriend is now the focus of stories across various media outlets.

Titus 3:9 implores us to “avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.”

So please, the next time you're confronted with reactionary news like the Michael Sam story ask yourself whether or not the ensuing argument is worth it. More importantly, it's time to reconsider who provides your 'news' and who determines what is newsworthy. Remember the quote that says: "You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to"? In turn, use these conversations to present the love of Christ and share an opportunity for others to invite Christ into their lives.

It's true that believers are the only bible some people care to read. What they read in you will say more than any headline or daytime talk show ever will!

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