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The real winner at the Oscars? The pizza guy

On a night when the world watches to see who wins the Oscars, the biggest winner of the night may have been the pizza delivery guy. In one of many shticks pulled off by Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres at the 86th Academy Awards was the one with pizza delivery guy. He got to meet a few celebs and earned what was probably the biggest tip of his career. On March 2, ABC Local confirms that guy who delivered pizza to the stars at the awards ceremony was a real pizza delivery guy, not an actor.

The real winner at the Oscars? The pizza guy
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

DeGeneres at one point in the show asked the celebrities in the audience if they were hungry and would they like some pizza. She got many affirmative replies and the show moved on. Sometime later, Ellen brought a young man out on stage and then down into the audience where he helped pass out pizza.

At one point, she said the man in the Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria uniform, "Who's your favorite movie star? They're here."

Later after the stars had finished eating, Ellen passed around a large hat collecting for a tip for the man. She light-heartedly called out the names of Hollywood’s rich and famous and elicited $200 from Harvey Weinstein. When Brad Pitt only dropped in a $20, she scoffed and Pitt checked all his pockets, dumping in whatever he had on him.

The pizzeria is located not far from the Dolby Theater where the 86th Academy Awards were underway. The shop confirmed that the man who appeared on the live telecast was actually one of their employees.

According to an ABC News report, Ellen's TV show has ordered from Big Mama’s And Papa’s in the past.

We sure hope the delivery guy got his tip!

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