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The real win for Microsoft in iPad

Microsoft made huge news during the past couple of days releasing the Office 365 suite of apps for Apple’s iPad. It marries tools for enterprise users and the iPad, the enterprise tablet of choice. While Microsoft can sell more Office 365 subscriptions, maintain its enterprise software dominance and Apple can skim their 30% off the top of Office 365, the real news is in EMS according to a report today from Chris Neiger of the Motley Fool.

Satya Nadella Named CEO Of Microsoft
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Enterprise Mobility Suite, EMS, is according to CEO Satya Nadella’s, one of the ‘most strategic infrastructure pieces of the development we’re doing in support of enterprises.’ The beauty of this strategy is that Microsoft now takes new offerings and puts them together in one multi-level device and user-management system across Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

Microsoft is securing its future in mobile applications which is needed for its cloud and mobile vision for the future. Prior to Nadella becoming CEO, one of his areas of specialty was Cloud development. The company was focused on Windows but true mobile integration means creating services for both the Apple and Android platform.

Looking for future revenue streams comes in packaging Office 365 with the EMS and expands to its self-proclaimed ‘fastest-growing commercial product ever.’ OneDrive and Azure (information protection) are included in this growth revenue stream for the future.

Since Microsoft software is the preferred choice amongst many IT professionals and making it easy with this suite of mobile and security applications that integrate with any mobile platform, EMS will take off. Bring your own device (BYOD) to work will be an income stream for the enterprise business for Microsoft

Nadella’s blog on March 27 emphasizes how he thinks about devices and the cloud. He writes: ‘The cloud was created to enable mobility. And mobile devices are really uninteresting without the cloud.’

His comment on Office and the merger into iPad displays the reach of this merger as he writes: 'We’re bringing Office, the gold standard in getting things done, to the iPad. A billion people rely on Office every day, and we’ve worked diligently to create a version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that delivers the best productivity experience available on the iPad.'

His strategy for the cloud and EMS is, ‘so we’re also introducing our new Enterprise Mobility Suite to make managing and securing these devices as easy as using them. So employees are free to go where they want, without data ending up where it shouldn’t. And it can also extend your enterprise identity to other apps and services like, Box and Google Docs. Now, the same cloud that helps people get more done with less work will help IT do the same.’

Microsoft made a splash introducing the marriage with iPad this past week but the future is a stream of income revenue and freedom for IT professionals and office users to work unchained geographically. It is a revolution and a step for the 21 first century of technology and efficiency. It creates a new paradigm of technology and enhancement by man powered by Microsoft.

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