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The real war against women and children being waged by Islamic 'extremists'

By comparison child abuse varies from country to country; but some countries sanction it. Image

Human sex trafficking has evolved into an international disgrace. Exploiting women and children for financial gain is merely one category that is horrid enough, however another category continues to be such a tremendous shame that there is a refusal to put the issue on the table for discussion.

Many American servicemen know it. Many of our American politicians know it. It is a dirty little secret that is hardly veiled by the ongoing war against decency perpetrated by those pretending to have spiritual convictions regarding one religion allegedly labeled “a religion of peace”. There is nothing peaceful about the actions directed against vulnerable women and children globally.

Thousands of children have been abducted in Uganda. Child kidnappings are happening now in Nigeria. The carnage against children continues in Syria. And of course the shining star to depravity is awarded to Afghanistan which is described as a haven for child pedophiles (adults who enjoy sexual contact with prepubescent children) or pederasts (adults who enjoy sexual relations with pubescent or post-pubescent children).

Child exploitation chapters of the United Nations and United States are quite aware of the massive child abuse practices. This sanctioned child abuse goes hand in hand with a global practice of using both women and children as sexual play toys. The problem is no criticism is allowed to be voiced if those practicing Islam are the guilty parties.

One can easily grow weary of the lame excuses offered in the name of “tolerance” and acceptability of other culture’s lifestyles. The stories continue to come in from places across the globe regarding the kidnapping of children for sexual exploiting. The subjugation of females for sexual exploitation under the smokescreen of any spiritual privilege alluded by Islam demands to be categorically rejected also.

The contradictions are so striking that even Afghanistan’s maligned Taliban frowns on the practice of grown men having sex with children under any pretense. The practice of homosexuality is forbidden in Islam, however those practicing same sex pedophilia get around this standard by claiming they do no love the boys, thus they are not practicing homosexuality per se.

Legalists always find a way to acquire what they want.

The United States has created its own problems of credibility by having hypocritical stances on morality. America attempted to lecture Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on the issue of homosexual rights prior to the Olympics. Putin in return chided the West on their inconsistent stances on morality.

Between the lines was Putin’s implication that America and the world had no business pointing out minor indiscretions regarding Russia’s morality when rampant disregard of children’s rights is ignored in places as Afghanistan. Russia should know, they were there prior to the Americans’ venture into Afghanistan.

Could it be that Russia’s Eastern Christian Orthodox culture is being held up to a different standard than places as Islamic Afghanistan concerning abuses against women and children? Putin could have let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

It is difficult to accept any criticism about one's morality when the accusations come from a country that has morals probably lower than the country you are accusing. Immoral sexual practices are not subject to each country's discretion, but should represent a universal agreed boundary which the United Nations has done.

Next, is not to hold a blind eye to any country that offends that standard. Consequences for violating these morals should be absolute.

America and the United Nations have demonstrated a lack of resolve regarding any criticism against countries with dominating Muslim cultures concerning abuses against females or children. Bringing rebuke for abuses is treated as taboo. The silence from the practice of socialized sexual abuses of children or women from Islamic organizations is a routine status. Unless you are the Vatican that is.

Back in 2010 reporter Jim Kouri, who specializes in law enforcement, published the only complete piece on the scandal involving sexual exploitation against children. Unfortunately, the story was not picked up by major news outlets and not one cable news outlet reported the story.

One can easily make a case that either nobody really cares or the subject is radioactive for undetermined reasons. It would be a safe assumption that political reasons trump its news worthiness.

The numbers of children and women globally that are being held in captivity and being sexually abused by these religious tormentors numbers in the tens of thousands by loose estimates.

In the United States there are three million child abuse cases each year, a daunting figure that could be another reason Putin bristled at the sanctimonious posturing coming from America. It is the classic remove the board from your eyes, then you can better assist me in removing the speck from my eye.

This ugly truth regarding America’s own child abuse track record could also be a reason why western countries as America are not too anxious to point out the sins of the flesh regarding sexual abuses being practiced by other cultures against women and children. A problem is a problem whether or not it is sanctioned by a government because there is no difference in the eyes of the abused children or women. The devastating impact is the same.

Sexual battery impacts each person profusely and one handles it better than another when weighing the emotional and physical trauma suffered by the victim.

Catholic priests forsake their integrity, morality, and vows when the issue of child abuse is found to be taking place. The same standard should be administered across the board regardless of what religion, culture, or tradition that is practiced….abuse of children or women is inexcusable and unacceptable.

It is a disgusting development when pedophiles and pederasts can operate in concert to ANY reason, particularly a religious opportunity, in order to substantiate their deviant behavior.

The very definition of obscene is any activity with no socially redeeming value….that sums up this subject.

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