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The Real Rick Ross Preparing to Release Book June 17th

Rick Ross Official Autobiography with Cathy Scott
Michael Bentley

When you mention Miami rappers you almost have to mention, Rick Ross. Ross has sold millions of records and been featured on every major music magazine and outlet in the world. He is an extremely known person, but his name isn't Rick Ross it is William Roberts. Yes, he uses the name Rick Ross just like a wrestler would use a fake name such as the Ultimate Warrior whose real name was James Hellwig.(RIP) While working in the penal system in South Florida, William decided he would use the name of the world's best drug dealer, Rick Ross, when he rapped so he could create songs about the street credibility that he knew was an important part of the rap culture.

The only problem with this is that the real, living Rick Ross was alive in a prison fighting his way to get free at the time. In 2009, the man whose real name was Rick Ross was released from prison, and he filed a lawsuit against Mr. Roberts for using his name. Right now details are pending on what is going to happen with the case on who can use the name, but it looks like William Roberts will get to continue to use the name Rick Ross. This hasn't stopped the man whose real name is Rick Ross from making giant moves in the entertainment industry.

The man known as Freeway on the streets, Ricky Ross, has a music record label, a documentary movie on his life set to release in theaters this fall, a movie on his life in the works with Nick Cannon on board to act as Rick, and a book coming out June 17th titled, 'Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography' with Cathy Scott.

The book is going to be the first of many accounts by Rick himself to get to tell his story of how he became, Mr. Million-a-Day in drug sales in the 1980s. Yes, he was making over $1 Million Dollars a day in profits at one time. The story is quite amazing as Rick was also quite involved with a few political ties including Iran-Contra and more.

Pre-sales for the book have been above any expectations, and reviews have been A+ so far. This is quite an intriguing tale of truth coming out by Ross and Cathy Scott that many are saying it will be the best book to release in 2014.

Publicist Michael Bentley was quoted earlier this week on the upcoming book release, "This is a part of modern American History just as much as anything that happened in the 1980s. This book should be looked at by History classes in all levels of education."

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